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JC Tonic®
What It Is - What It Does

JURAK CLASSIC WHOLE BODY TONIC, The Youth Solution®, fondly referred to as JC Tonic® is a tonic composed of peculiar health giving substances found and extracted from plants.

Substances of great values are found in diverse plants. Some of these are found in the roots, some in the seeds and some in the flowers. Each plant has its own peculiarities and its own secret treasures, which are often hidden in a peculiar manner. Like the MAPLE TREE that gives its sap at a particular time of the year, and a particular quality according to the weather of the season, so do the drug plants have myriad of peculiarities, each of which must be understood by those who work with them when they gather their highest potency (value), and process these for use in healing of the human body.

Nature meant to give man all he needs for health and well-being. It is only the peculiar mode of living and ignorance that deprives man from his treasure that is around him.

When extracts are made to prepare JC Tonic® many plants are used. Of some of these plants, only the roots, or leaves or seeds or flowers; each at its correct season gives the right quality of its ingredients.

When these plants are combined, for their greater effect or for a multitude of effects, great caution has to be exercised to achieve the desired overall effect. This must be done by scientifically trained workers with long and exacting training and preferably long experience.

Many years ago, when the original formula for JURAK CLASSIC WHOLE BODY TONIC was made by Anthony's father, Carl I. Jurak, the research had been perfected to a very exacting science. So now, as he did, so are we. Everything prepared for JC Tonic® is followed through scientifically. Nothing is left to chance. This, of course, gives you the quality and uniformity that are essential for good results. What makes a plant extract so valuable is hard to explain in words; it is even hard to explain scientifically. There are many factors, hormones, trace minerals, various vegetable acids, and mineral salts that are the same as their inorganic opposites but behave chemically differently, and often give results quite opposite to the inorganic compounds.

Iron salt taken from an organic (plant) source will not act destructively on Vitamin E in the body, but Iron salt taken from a mineral (inorganic) source will destroy Vitamin E. As Vitamin E is a very vital factor in general well being, it is, of course, necessary that it be preserved.

The role of JC Tonic® is to act in the blood as a balancer and as a catalyst. Naturally, as the blood is the very source of life and health, the influence of JC Tonic® through the blood on the major and minor glands in the system is like a flow of health throughout the body.

Its Function

In the language of laymen, JC Tonic®, THE YOUTH SOLUTION® is a special preparation in the form of a tonic, to help keep the blood healthy. It accomplishes this by helping to regulate blood chemical and biological balance. It has the property to keep the walls of the blood vessels clean.

JURAK CLASSIC WHOLE BODY TONIC has catalytic properties to render chemical processes and conversions more efficient and more assimilable to the blood. It also contains rich sources of trace minerals and organic acids, to supplement these to the blood chemistry if lacking. It so contributes to keep blood in good shape to do its job of giving life and well being to the body.

This preparation, composed of the following tonic herbs: Thyme Leaf, Sarsaparilla Root, Dandelion Root, Alfalfa Aerial, Garden Angelica Root, Saw Palmetto Fruit, White Horehound Aerial, Horsetail Aerial, Peppermint Leaf, Quassia Bark, Liquorice Root, Gentian Root, Celery Seed, Malva Leaf, Hops Bud, Passion Flower Aerial, German Chamomile Flower and Marsh Mallow Root has catalytic properties to render chemical processes and conversions more efficient and more assimilable to the blood. It also is a rich source of trace minerals and organic acids as a supplement to the blood chemistry.

Good Blood

Good blood is the blood that is properly fed from the outside bodily sources. Much goes into making of good blood. Proper food, proper air, proper amounts of sunshine, and above all, proper intake of minerals, vitamins as well as energy matter called proteins and carbohydrates.

Yet, if at times the composition of chemical intake is wrong, deficient, or one-sided, for a prolonged period of time, this may cause a chain reaction in the body, which may or may not manifest itself immediately, but it will eventually, more or less severely. In cases of a strong constitution (which may be the results of heredity or simply built-in resistance), the body will go on without showing any apparent defect yet suffer nevertheless a process of devitalization.

Generally, however, the effect on health manifests itself in a short time. This may show up in one part or organ of the body or in several parts simultaneously. Or again, in the function of the system as a whole.

To retain healthy and balanced blood is to retain a lease on well being. Healthy blood is also the source of well being to the six major and hundreds of minor bodily glands. The work of six principal glands: Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroids, Adrenals, Pancreas and Gonads are fed and kept by blood. They are greatly influenced by blood. These glands are the source of your well being. They must work like a well-balanced orchestra. They must work as a perfect team.

Small glands are factors in local parts of the body, much less important than the major glands, yet they too must be in good order and health to do a good healthy job. They, too, depend on blood and the quality of the blood.

It could be said that the six principal glands are the most vital parts of the body's motor, while the minor glands are like nuts and bolts in the motor. The durability, smooth function and perfect performance of a motor are its oil and the quality of the oil. The smooth function and perfect performance of the body is its blood and the quality of the blood.

What It Is – What It Does

It gives to the blood peculiar health giving substances, which balance, purify and activate the blood, which in turn influences your body glands, and these in turn, regulate the system and create conditions which bring you well-being.


You Need JC Tonic®

It will put your system in good functioning order and remove many defects that are brought about by lack of certain vital substances in the blood, thus making some of your glands overactive and some under-active.

JC Tonic® helps to keep the stomach in order, kidneys and liver clean, the blood pure and the bowels free. All of which gives the added zest to living.

The Secret Within You

Two siblings, reared in the same home, may be complete opposites in personality. One may be slim and handsome, good-natured and intelligent. One or the other may have "just everything wrong with him."

Luck or inheritance often explains these familiar paradoxes. But, more and more, science is learning how personality differences such as these are the result of differences in the endocrine glands.

Within your body, there are six endocrines. There are also hundreds of other glands. But these other glands, for the most part, do minor jobs, important only to their own regions of the body. The endocrines, however, affect your entire body and your total personality.

Through control of our bodies, the endocrines dominate our emotional responses. What we call "feeling angry" is actually our body's response to the hormones secreted by our adrenal glands.

The hormones and chemicals produced by the adrenals and the other endocrines have the power to make us grow short or tall; fat or thin; to let us think clearly or poorly; to make us love or hate.

Except for the gonads, all the endocrines are generally identical in men and women. The gonads are higher in a woman's body than in a man's and have different (although complimentary) functions.

You Need JC Tonic®

The most important gland in the body is the pituitary. At the brain's base, the pituitary carries signals of emotional disturbance from the nervous system to the other endocrine glands, especially the thyroid, adrenals and gonads. The pituitary affects sexual functions, growth, intelligence, ability to see, and blood pressure. The person whose pituitary is abnormal may become a giant or a midget or excessively fat. The pituitary can affect the flow of a mother's milk or it can cause menstrual disorders.

If your body's machinery is working too swiftly or too slowly, your thyroid gland may be failing to do its work properly. The thyroid controls the body's consumption of oxygen. Doctors call this the "basal metabolic rate". An over-active thyroid can cause nervousness, irritability, worry, increase in sexual drive. These people often have bulging eyeballs, body trembling, and rapid heart action. Persons whose thyroids are not active enough usually have dulled emotions, poor intelligence and memory.

Goiter is an abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland. In certain areas, goiter is commonly caused by lack of sufficient iodine in food and drinking water.

The parathyroid glands enable your body to use the calcium taken in through such foods as milk. If teeth and bones are to be good, the parathyroids must function normally. This is especially true, of course, in a woman carrying an unborn child.
If your parathyroids furnish your body with too much calcium, your bones might become excessively brittle or you might develop kidney stones. You would probably feel lazy mentally and physically.

The adrenals might be called "anger glands". When you are upset by fear of similar emotions, your adrenals secrete extra amounts of their hormone. This speeds up the heart, halts action in the digestive system, makes you less susceptible to fatigue. Your liver releases energy-giving sugar into the blood stream. You are ready for action. The adrenals also affect the sexual interest and they stimulate secretions from the gonads. Over-active adrenals can produce in a six-year-old boy the beard, deep voice, and sexual development of an eighteen-year-old. The "bearded lady" of the circus sideshow is another example. Under-active adrenals can give their victims weakness, poor blood circulation, insomnia.

The pancreas is the gland that contains the "Islands of Langerhans", which produce insulin. The insulin passes directly into your blood stream where it regulates your body's use of sugar as fuel. If your pancreas produces insufficient insulin, sugar will accumulate in your blood, producing the condition called diabetes mellitus by scientists. Some persons suffer from over-active pancreas. Their bodies have an excess of insulin, and sugar is burned up too fast. This can result in a low level of activity.

In women, the gonads are called ovaries. They create the reproductive cell, called the ovum. They control such characteristics as breast development and menstruation. The diminishing function of the ovaries, which comes in a woman's middle age, is the menopause or "change of life". Men's gonads are called testes. They create reproductive cells, called spermatozoa and control masculine characteristics. Abnormal function of the gonads can cause strong or weak sexual activity, but such cases actually are rare. Aside from the psychological factors, sex feelings in most people are the result of teamwork by all the glands.

How To Take JC Tonic®

JC Tonic® is somewhat bitter to the taste so we have told Moms for years to mix the dose in a glass of a good quality grape juice when giving to their children, or anything else, including smoothies. Of course same goes for adults who do not like the taste. Eventually as your body rebalances, even the taste buds change and you actually will want to drink the JC Tonic® straight up!!

One to two ounces of JC Tonic® is taken daily. If there is any discomfort it is referred to as a Healing Crisis and we were fortunate to have had this overview done for us by Dr. Bruce Fife The Healing Crisis by Dr. Bruce Fife. You can follow the advice of Dr. Fife and everything will normalize in a few days - such a reaction is usually due to certain physiological factors when the body is out of balance and is not dangerous, only annoying.

For adults, larger doses than recommended can be taken if found beneficial. JC Tonic® is particularly good in a larger dose after a big meal, to stimulate rapid digestion. As JC Tonic® commences its work, it is important to eliminate all poisonous matter from intestines with a regular bowel movement. This speeds the work toward good health. When recommending JC Tonic® to others, they too should be advised about the importance of regularity in bowel movements.

JC Tonic® is a preparation with a special action on the blood from where the benevolent influence spreads throughout the body. JC Tonic® helps to regularize, and put in order, each and every part of the bodily system.


Due to the fact that this preparation is a combination of many different botanical plant extracts, it is important to note that the color may change from time to time as we purchase our raw materials. Since we do not use any artificial color such as caramel color, there will always be a slight change in color.

Additionally, you will notice a certain settlement that forms if the product is untouched for some time and as we note on the label, please shake well before using and those particles of botanical plants will return into solution. You may also see some crystalline matter form after a time which is simply some of the inert material from the mineral salts that do not stay in solution due to the fact that the JC Tonic® is a super-saturated solution. Just discard.

On another note, you may find a difference in the taste from time to time (sometimes more bitter, sometimes less bitter) which will affect the taste as we do not use any artificial taste enhancers.

Furthermore, you will notice on each container a lot number along with a time stamp of the exact time of day the bottle passed through the stamping station on the filling line. Quote these two sets of numbers whenever referring to the product you received. There is no expiry date as JC Tonic® does not expire.

JC Tonic® – The Youth Solution®
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