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Disclaimer: JC Tonic® is a dietary supplement not a drug. Therefore, it is useful in effecting the structure and/or function of your body in various ways. However, it is not intended to and will not cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. Success Stories like those presented reflect truthful and actual experiences of individuals who have consumed JC Tonic® and have chosen to express their opinion regarding its personal use and the positive results they have achieved. Their point of view however may not be all encompassing and does not constitute scientific evidence that JC Tonic® will cause similar results in others including yourself nor are these statements representative of individual results you may anticipate. Jurak World Wide does not make any such drug or treatment claims for its products.
Lester, Iowa

I love JC Tonic®! I feel great and it has only been three months! I am fully charged, my brain is focused and my skin is clear and glowing. Even though I am 43 years old, I feel like I am 20 years old and I am maintaining my weight at 200 pounds. Without good health, nothing matters.
Gladys, Florida

After a week of drinking JC Tonic®, I am more alert and have more energy. I was very tired, but I do not get tired anymore. Also, I do not take any medication.
Corazon, Colorado

Within two days of drinking JC Tonic®, I did not fall asleep when reading and did not get angry about things like I used to. Without JC Tonic® I could not focus. With JC Tonic® I feel calm, patient, have lots of energy. I do not stutter and have less strain concentrating on what to say on the phone. I thank God for everything that led me to JC Tonic® because I am now a better person.
Al, Utah

My name is Al Garcia and I am an Herbalist from Utah. I am the founder of a chain of herbal stores throughout the United States called "Herbs for Health" and my headquarters is in Roy, Utah. I have reviewed, evaluated and recommended many natural health products in my time. I only mention this, so you will realize the value of the comment that I would like to make about JC Tonic®. With the increased confusion that has been placed on consumers as to which products are excellent, top quality and potent, versus, "Okay, but I did not seem to feel anything!" to "This was just a plain gimmick product!" I want readers to realize that this is a FABULOUS tonic and will do amazing things for their health.

I have been using JC Tonic® for two months and I take many independent herbs. When I travel, it becomes challenging to take everything I do at home, so when I heard about JC Tonic®, I decided to see if it would help me keep my clarity, focus and stress levels down, so I can focus on my business, family and the purpose I have in helping people and understanding herbal products.

Well, this tonic exceeded my expectations. It did not taste bad and I could function better. It was not alcoholic tasting, as I have come to expect from tinctures, extracts, elixirs, tonics and homeopathies.

My energy level went for several hours longer, I could fall asleep quicker and was raring to go the next morning. If I had to grab just one product from over one thousand items in my store, due to emergency reasons, I would surely grab a case of JC Tonic®.

Stop the confusion! Just try it for yourself. Then go one-step further and give a sample to someone you would love to have feel better.
Diane, Colorado

I used to have sinus problems, but thanks to JC Tonic®, I no longer do. My energy level has increased. I am sleeping more regular and I am able to concentrate and have clear thinking.
Laniece, Nevada

I have been on JC Tonic® for a month and it has helped my circulation in my arms. It is helping me to cope. I feel better everyday and it has even helped me to think well. I am very satisfied with JC Tonic®.
Carolin, Wisconsin

When Joseph O'Rourke called and told us about JC Tonic®, my husband Dave and I were very reluctant about even trying it because we had been taking another natural product for 11 years and just did not want to switch. Joseph went on to tell us how Anthony started his own company. We knew Anthony from before and had a lot of respect and faith in him and I believe that is why we tried the product.

We got fantastic results in only one day!!! My energy level is absolutely great! I can now get to sleep without tossing and turning and I sleep all night. My nervousness is gone, my digestion problems are much better and I feel great! Dave's energy level has increased too. He has a feeling of well-being and is very alert.

I originally told Joseph that we were not going to do the business, but here we are telling everybody about this wonderful JC Tonic®. We present it with an enthusiastic approach and from the heart. We like seeing how many people we can help with their health. Once they get on the product, we need to follow up with them; this is very important and it works. The Jurak marketing plan is the best we have ever seen. We tell people about the plan and encourage them to join us on this important mission.

We want to thank Anthony and the whole company, and especially Joseph for introducing this wonderful product and opportunity with us.
Georgia, Colorado

When Rose Krantz introduced me to JC Tonic®, I had casually mentioned that my knees were swelling and I needed more energy. The sample monodose Rose gave me worked immediately. The pamphlet I read had the magic words "Good Blood" and "Staying Young". JC Tonic® gave me the energy I needed to do my job better. I do not have night sweats anymore, my knees are not swollen and I am more alert. I wish I could get my friends and associates to feel as good as I do!!! Thank you so much.
Florence, Wisconsin

On May 22, 2002, Irene Borkowski introduced me to JC Tonic® and I'd like to thank her for that, as well as Anthony and Roger.

I stubbed my toe very hard many years ago. It was very sensitive to the touch and hurt at times. That's all gone. My digestion has improved. I can eat things that I couldn't before, such as raw onions, chili and spaghetti. I can eat them now with gusto. Also, about the time I was ready to go to sleep, I'd get terrible pain and have to sit up for a long time. That's all gone. Now the dog and I snack on cheese or herring just before going to bed with no problem.

My hearing was very bad. I couldn't hear well on the phone and the voices on TV were jumbled. Last November, I was listening to a phone conference call, straining my ear to catch every word. I put the receiver to left ear and to my alarm, it was mute. I couldn't hear a whisper. Several months later, I started to hear the man giving the news on TV. Then I noticed I could hear better on the phone. I can now put the receiver on my left ear and hear. I also heard the phone ring while I was in another room, which I couldn't do before.

My circulation has improved. I sleep with just a few light covers. I have reduced my nighttime trips to the bathroom from five to two.

I went to the beauty shop. The operator ran her fingers through my hair and said, "You have a lot of hair." Then again she said, "Your hair is very think." That was the golden opportunity to tell her why it was so thick. Before taking JC Tonic®, it was falling out and getting thin. I explained how JC Tonic® would cleanse your blood and the blood would go to the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

My night driving has improved. A year ago, the lights blinded me. Recently, I have been on the road a dozen times at night without fear. My eyes aren't watering a much. That condition was bad for daytime driving.

For year I had pain. First, pain below the left knee, then sever pain in the left thigh and my back has improved. Some days are pain-free and that is Seventh Heaven. Two years ago I would shop at the mall and use an electric cart. Now I go on my own power.

I never show my ID card when I ask for a senior discount. My face has a lot of wrinkles. One day I asked for a senior discount and this intelligent looking girl said, "You have to be 55 or older." I said, "Thanks for the compliment, I'm 86." She called another girl over to tell her I was 86. They said, "What do you eat?" I told them I take JC Tonic® and told them more about it. I feel they judged my mobility, as I didn't have a cane, walker or wheelchair.

I shop for groceries weekly and sometimes see a friend who comments, "How have you been this winter?" I say, "Wonderful! No colds or flu. I'm taking JC Tonic®." That is my opener to tell about JC Tonic® and what it has done for me.

I had more energy, but I wanted that burst of energy most people experience when taking JC Tonic®. This story is a little off the cuff. Many years ago, my brother invited us for New Year's Eve. He said he'd serve martinis and after one or two you would get "the glow." I had never heard that expression before. One Thursday night, it happened. I listened to the JCWW phone conference call that ends at 9 p.m. our time. Other nights, I would have headed for bed. I was wide-awake and called my cousin to congratulate her on her wonderful testimonial.

It was almost 10 p.m., but I wanted to talk JC Tonic® some more. I called my mentor, Carolin Hallada, and talked for a long time. Still full of energy, I wrote a letter to a friend who had a stroke. Usually, I'd write a sentence and wonder what to say next. That night my mind was as sharp as a tack. The words just flowed from my pen. I completed a few more projects. I thought, how will I tell my daughter in the morning of this glad-to-be-alive feeling? And then I knew. I had "the glow" and it wasn't from drinking a martini, but from a shot of JC Tonic®.
Debra, Wisconsin

When I received a phone call from my good friend, Ruth Warner, in Arkansas and she told me Anthony Carl Jurak started a new company with one of his father's formulations, I knew I had to check it out. I started using JC Tonic® in March of 2000 and since then, my hot flashes have gone away, my night vision has improved, I am sleeping and eating better, my mental clarity is better and my nails are long and strong again.
Sandra, California

I wanted to personally say thank you for giving us JC Tonic®. It has literally given me the quality of life that I have sorely missed for at least ten years. The tonic has balanced me emotionally, mentally, and even my hormones. It and has made me feel like a million bucks. Because I have been feeling so much better, in this whole process of getting balanced, I have had the added bonus of losing 35 pounds in about four months, without really dieting. Emotionally, I feel so much more in control of my life.
Steve, California

JC Tonic® is the most amazing tonic that I have ever experienced. A definite increase in both mental clarity and physical energy has been the most dramatic changes that I have been enjoying. Thank you for continuing the Jurak legacy!!
Anna, North Dakota

My husband says I am the thinker of the family. It always takes me a long time to make up my mind. I'm told it is the Norwegian in me! So, when my brother and sister-in-law started talking about this wonderful tonic they were taking, I put my "thinking cap" on.

They were so convincing about it and had all kinds of papers telling me many things about JC Tonic®; I had no choice but to listen. When they left, I read all the information they had given me that night. We started out with the one box for both my husband and I, taking a half monodose a day to start. I started to feel a change within a few days. I was not as tired and for the first time in many years, I felt like getting out of bed in the morning. After a week, I started to take a whole ounce each morning. I began to be more aware of what was going on, more alert! I also discovered I slept better at night. Instead of getting up to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so, I was now only getting up once or twice a night!

No one can tell me that JC Tonic® has not helped me in more ways than one! I am going to take it as long as I can. I expect to see even more improvements, especially when the weather gets nicer and I can walk outside. I am a "heavy person" and expect (or hope) to drop some weight. I just had a birthday (56th) and find it is hard to loose weight at this stage of the game. We will see what I look like by the end of summer with God, JC Tonic® and I. We are going to be a team to watch.
Susie, Colorado

I am so glad that I was introduced to JC Tonic®. My energy level improved right away and my mental energy is grounded. I used to be like a wet noodle, ready to cry at anything. I still have everyday stresses, but I feel in control of them now.
Constance, Colorado

The tonic helped my PMS to disappear. I have always had headaches and cramps, so I knew when that time of the month was coming. Now, I no longer have those. My mind used to be really busy, but now it is clear and I can focus on one thing and complete it. My vision is clearer and more defined and the circulation in my legs and feet is better. Also, I am not as hungry and I do not eat all of the time.
Judith, Wisconsin

I have been physically challenged for 15 years with chronic lower back pain, headaches, sleeplessness, and chronic fatigue, just to name a few. I have been under chiropractic care for the past nine years, having to have adjustments three to five times a week. For the past two years, I have had to use a cane to aid in my walking and my walking was very limited as to how far and how fast. I was a mess. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

I started to take JC Tonic® and within 6 weeks I felt like a changed person, physically and emotionally. I praise God for that, and thank him for giving the formula to Anthony's father. Two hours after I took my first mono-dose of JC Tonic®, I was able to walk down the block and back without too much difficulty. That night I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and slept through the night, waking early in the morning rested, renewed, alert and with more energy than I have had in a very long time. I have no need or desire for daytime naps anymore. By the end of seven days, I was walking 10 blocks in a 20-minute period, twice, and some days three times, WITHOUT A CANE!!!

When I went to the chiropractor, one week after taking JC Tonic®, he could not believe the difference in me. I could get out of the chair quickly, without difficulty and I walked lively, without the use of a cane and I climbed the stairs like a teenager. I even adjusted easier! Now I only have to go to him once every two weeks!

Since being on the tonic, I do not have headaches, which for years were a daily thing for me, no more sleeplessness, I have a lot more energy, I am more alert, my intense pain is gone, and my tiredness is gone. My blood sugars are under control, for the first time in 20 years, and I seem to notice new things happening each day. Happy and healthy I am becoming. For the first time in my life, when I look in the mirror, I like that person looking back at me. I have struggled with a poor self-image all my life, but now when I walk down the street or hallway and meet someone, I look them in the eye, smile and greet them, instead of hanging my head and looking at my shoes until they pass by me.

It is great to feel well and happy again. It has been a very long time in coming. Anthony, thank you for continuing the work your father began years ago. I am happy and excited to be on your team, sharing with others on how they too can be healthier and happier. God bless you!
Letter from Michael E. LaCourt, D.C. re: Judith Miller

Dear Sirs:We write this letter concerning the apparent improved health condition of Judy Miller, our longstanding patient of years. We write this with her permission.

Judy upon entering our office presented with severe spinal distress. She was unable to walk well and needed the use of a cane as crutch. She also tolerated countless sleepless nights. We made comprehensive examinations and x-ray studies. Judy has endured muscle spasms as a protective mechanism. At times she was unable to come to our office.

Our treatment has been conservative in nature consisting primarily of specific corrective chiropractic spinal adjustments. We have met with some amount of moderate success, but Judy was still advised to maintain regular adjustments at a frequency of no less than once per week and often twice per week. She simply did not "hold" her adjustments well. She has also been unusually prone to aggravations and exacerbations from events that would not normally be harmful to someone like her, with a similar condition.

We have been aware that recently Judy has been making more remarkable progress than before and has needed fewer and fewer adjustments. At first we thought she had found an exercise regimen or changed her diet or had "behaved" with her activities. When we inquired of Judy what she had been doing she had informed us of the use and taking of your product as being the only change she had made.

Since we have working with Judy (spanning many years) we have never seen her in such a state of comfort for such a long period of time. She no longer relies on a cane as crutch. We also noticed that her chiropractic adjustments are "holding" much longer than before.

Judy no longer complains and she has her wonderful smile back on her face. We seldom note muscle spasms and we have found that her schedule of treatment with this office has been, necessarily, reduced. Her last adjustment was a month ago.

One can speculate through education and observe through symptomotology the far-reaching effects of a healthy nervous system. Since our bodies rely on our nervous system for coordination of all functions, a healthy nervous tissue is essential to every tissue cell and thus to the integrity of all body processes. Judy reports sleeping well at night. Her ability to be increasingly active is a huge stride in the healing arena. She is not home bound as was often the case in her history and driving is reportedly no longer a fear to her.

We have noticed a change of attitude with Judy. She always did maintain hope and faith; she now does so with an inspiring spring. The product she has been using has evidently and obviously helped her in many facets of her life. Judy has ignited this office into further interest of this product. If it an do all these wonderful things for her, then we are quite interested in what it may do for other patients as well. Judy has apparently found, after countless searches, the right product for her.
Nancy & Jim, Wisconsin

I am 51 years old and have been taking JC Tonic® for 4 months. I have noticed an extremely heightened energy level. My thinking has become much more focused. My blood pressure is better now and I am sleeping much, much better. I have also lost inches all over my body. Due to my improved complexion, I look much younger and I have lost the dark circles under eyes.

I only take Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic and one vitamin-E capsule a day along with a morning meal replacement shake. I have noticed that my hot flashes have decreased, I sleep better and have increased energy. My husband, Jim, is also taking JC Tonic® but at a much slower pace due to his arthritic condition.

I really enjoyed sharing the tonic with people I meet everyday. It feels good to see people improve their health greatly. JC Tonic® is the best supplement I've ever been introduced to.
Cheri, Arizona

In 1971 I was in a motorcycle wreck and sustained some serious injuries, including fracturing my skull. My entire right side was partially paralyzed and I had a lot of pain in my left hip. Headaches were unbearable. I took prescription medication and a lot of extra strength Excedrin.

I was introduced to JC Tonic® almost 3 years ago, at which time I was using other herbs that helped my headaches a little and I felt somewhat better. I decided to try JC Tonic® and start taking an ounce a day. I instantly felt improved energy, my thoughts were clearer and my balance improved some.

My husband, John, came across some vitamins that he insisted I try. They didn't cost as much so I figured I'd give them a try. I began waking up in a fog. I felt lethargic all of the time and I just didn't feel good. The person who introduced me to JC Tonic® called me from time to time so I decided to go back on JC Tonic®. I had more energy and the fog went away. Then my sponsor, Carson Mansfield, called and told me about a meeting that would be conducted here. My husband and I decided to attend and we were told to start taking two ounces of JC Tonic® a day. I did and I can't believe the difference it made for me. My arthritis plain in my hip has lessened, my energy level is higher, my memory is better since my accident and skull fracture, my balance is better and I'm faster on my feet now. Mentally I am more alert and thinking clearer and faster. Also my night sweats and mood swings have disappeared.

I used to think people just felt worse as they grew older, but at 53, JC Tonic® turned that around. Now, I feel like my motor has been tuned up and I'm feeling 40 again. My zip is back!

Thank you, Carson, for not giving up on me and thank you JC Tonic® for giving me back my life!
Betty, North Dakota

It is funny how life's unexpected experiences sometimes shape a person's destiny. Life has been an exciting adventure each day since I received knowledge of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. I honestly feel I now have very good health. I do not get sick. I am a Registered Nurse, working on a critical care unit with multi-system failure patients. I work long hours, many times double shifts. I do not even get a cold or flu-like symptoms. I have boundless energy, and again, with all stress of nursing, I do not get sick!!

JC Tonic® has increased resistance to infectious disease by enhancing my immune system. In the last few weeks, almost half of our staff has had the flu or pneumonia. My boss mentioned that she can always count on me, as I do not get sick. I have not even had a stuffy nose.

Other benefits I have personally seen are keen mental alertness, more normal metabolic energy, and improved eyesight. When my husband and I had our eyes tested last month, we were told we were wearing glasses that had been over corrected; they were too strong for our eyes! The ophthalmologist told me that was why we were noticing a difficulty in seeing. We were given lenses that had considerably less correction and now we see better. The difficulty in seeing with the old glasses came about, after two months of taking JC Tonic®.

As we serve one other, with caring, and spreading the information about the many people who have seen improved health, we are planting seeds of hope. By calling a friend, or sharing with the sickest person you meet, JC Tonic® is introduced to a world that desperately needs wellness and balance.
Fred, Colorado

I have been using JC Tonic® for a while and I am noticing more energy, more mental alertness and I sleep better at night. I appreciate this product, because I have had a problem of feeling tired during the day. This really seems to solve the problem, so I can work a full day and get a lot done. I take my hat off to you for putting out a good product.
David, Colorado

I am 12-years-old and have been taking JC Tonic® for three months. I have noticed a great improvement in my health. Since I have been on the tonic, I am able to keep more focused at school, which has improved my grades, and my reading and writing have also improved. My teacher told my parents that they have noticed an improvement in my schoolwork as well. I thank Anthony Carl Jurak for such a great tonic and my parents for insisting I take it every day.
Barbara, Florida

I have noticed results from drinking JC Tonic®. For example, it has not only sharpened my memory, it has done a lot of cleansing to my body. When I first started JC Tonic® the first thing I experienced was a blast of energy and then clearer skin. I am so happy that I have been introduced to this product and I want to share it with others. God Bless You!
Don, South Carolina

WOW! After less than two months, my blood pressure is 130/70, the best it's ever been. I am sleeping much more soundly. My wife, Carolyn, is waking up much earlier and seems to have much clearer thinking. We are excited!
Clarence, Colorado

I have been taking JC Tonic® for only two months now, and I have seen remarkable changes in my body. I have started jogging around a park near our house and I am more alert. I sleep better and enjoy life much more now that I feel better. I am so glad I have finally found something that makes me feel great. I am grateful for what the tonic has done for me. I am looking forward to life now, whereas before I was looking toward a life in a nursing home. Thank you Anthony and Robert Rusciano for caring and introducing my family and I to this great herbal tonic.
Toni, Colorado

For myself, I noticed energy the instant I took JC Tonic®. I have had problems sleeping and now I sleep a very sound sleep, wake up refreshed and willing to get up and go. Also, I have the ability to complete what I start and I look forward to drinking it everyday. I am giving it to my son, who has a stutter problem and learning disability. I have noticed he is expressing himself more and a lot clearer, with little stuttering, and his lack of concentration has improved drastically to the point where he is eager to keep learning and reading, which, due to his disabilities, he would shy away from. Now, at times, he falls asleep with his books piled beside him.

Also, I take care of my grandparents and have seen a drastic change in my grandmother, because she is taking it. She has a lot more energy, sleeping a sound sleep, remembering a lot more, and able to function and walk a lot better than before. She used to be slouched over and now she walks with her head up.
Eleanor & Burdette, Wisconsin

I, Burdette, am experiencing more energy, less pain and better sleep. My hair is starting to turn darker and grow faster and thicker. I will take JC Tonic® as long as possible and continue to tell others and fulfill my mission to "Give The People of The World What They Need Before They Know They Need It". My wife, Eleanor, has more of a smile, laughs more and is more cheerful when talking on the phone with others.

I, Eleanor, feel alert in the mornings, ready to work and need only 6 hours of sleep. My lungs have cleared up so I'm not suffering from so much phlegm. I can sing better without coughing. I believe the tonic has made me more flexible. Burdette is calmer and not so uptight about things.

We are thankful to God there is a man like Anthony Carl Jurak, who decided to make a company and share his product with others.
We continue to receive success stories as more and more people try JC Tonic®.

Try it for yourself and see the difference it will make in your life.



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Disclaimer: JC TONIC® is a dietary supplement not a drug. Therefore, it is useful in effecting the structure and/or function of your body in various ways. However, it is not intended to and will not cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. Success Stories like those presented reflect truthful and actual experiences of individuals who have consumed JC TONIC® and have chosen to express their opinion regarding its personal use and the positive results they have achieved. Their point of view however may not be all encompassing and does not constitute scientific evidence that JC TONIC® will cause similar results in others including yourself nor are these statements representative of individual results you may anticipate. Jurak World Wide does not make any such drug or treatment claims for its products.

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