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Disclaimer: JC TONIC® is a dietary supplement not a drug. Therefore, it is useful in effecting the structure and/or function of your body in various ways. However, it is not intended to and will not cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. Success Stories like those presented reflect truthful and actual experiences of individuals who have consumed JC TONIC® and have chosen to express their opinion regarding its personal use and the positive results they have achieved. Their point of view however may not be all encompassing and does not constitute scientific evidence that JC TONIC® will cause similar results in others including yourself nor are these statements representative of individual results you may anticipate. Jurak World Wide does not make any such drug or treatment claims for its products.
Lyman, New York

I have been taking JC Tonic® for 13 months. I had been suffering from headaches, heartburn, my hands, legs and arms going to sleep at the wheel (I'm a tractor-trailer driver), prostate pain, seven years of aches and pains throughout my body and shortness of breath when exerting myself on heavy jobs.

My sister introduced me to JC Tonic®. When I began taking it I experienced less headaches in just two weeks. I also found the circulation in my legs and hands improving. I have no more pressure in my prostate now. That eliminates those nighttime urgencies to have to go --- and can't! I have more energy and I can eat spicy food I really love without having heartburn.

My family, friends and workmates call me the Tonicman. Look out Anthony!
Mary, Pennsylvania

I have been taking JC Tonic® for four months and am having amazing results. JC Tonic® has helped a great deal with my pain, making it a lot easier for me to cope.

For as long as I can remember, probably as far back as five years old, I have had trouble with my bowels. I would feel so clogged up that my belly would hurt. It was awfully uncomfortable. After only two weeks on the tonic, my body let loose and I am now able to go once a day. It has been a miracle. I've tried natural products and even got colonics, but nothing ever did the trick like JC Tonic® has.

When I started consuming JC Tonic®, I was on prescription medications for allergies, sinus trouble, and to help me sleep at night. Part of the reason I started taking medications was to avoid the terrible headaches I was having. However, when I took the medication along with the tonic, my head would hurt. So I stopped taking my pills in the morning and only took the tonic, without getting a headache. In the evening, I again took the tonic, but this time I also took my medication and the headache came back to haunt me. Now, I only take JC Tonic®. At first my headache would seem to get stronger, but only for a moment and then it would leave me and I would go to bed with absolutely no pain. I don't even need to take aspirin. All these years I have been trying different remedies and I finally found something that helps me - JC Tonic®!

I rode horses as a child and I now have a lot of aches and pains from being thrown off. One time I was thrown against a tree, which resulted in a herniated disc. I have had trouble with that for a long time. I went to get some Rolfing done. Rolfing is a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement. My Rolfer instructed me on his Gyrotonic machine. (Dancers and athletes will usually use this type of machine to help keep their muscles in shape and to prevent injuries. This machine also helps injured people.) He was amazed at what my body could do since I've been on the tonic. I only go to see him once a month. Before JC Tonic®, my body would be out of place by the time of my next appointment, but now my body has opened up and is holding its own. I am doing so well. Thank you, JC Tonic®!
Margaret, Colorado

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful product. I can't say enough about your tonic and how it has helped me with all my health problems. Ken Glenn, my upline, has been an inspiration to my husband and myself because of his enthusiasm. I am now recommending JC Tonic® to all my family and friends!!! My youngest son is now taking your product and already has lots of energy. We are waiting for more so my oldest son can start.

But there is more to my story. Before using JC Tonic® I suffered from many ailments for many years. I took tons of vitamins that were helping me somewhat. I suffered from arthritis in my wrists, candida, migraine headaches, which were caused from food allergies, and diabetes 2, which I controlled by diet. Because of the sugar problem, I suffered from on going infections and mild depression. My story began in 1989 when I became very ill. I began using vitamins, which were helpful, but caused an imbalance in my system. I was afraid to eat anything because of the food allergies, which were getting worse and worse everyday. I also had no energy.

After 4 days of taking 1/4 oz. of JC Tonic®, I had so much energy!!! I told my husband he needed to contact Ken Glenn at work and get me a box immediately!!! I have been on the product for two months and you would not believe the amazing results I have gotten. I can use my hands again!!! I no longer suffer from the migraine headaches or the depression. My sugar is under control and the infections are gone.

You would never convince my husband to take supplements but after seeing my results he takes the product faithfully everyday. He says he has tons of energy and his mood is always pleasant. My youngest son also suffered from lack of motivation and energy and is now on your product. He called me the other day and says he has tons of energy on this product. I wrote my mother the other day to tell her about your amazing tonic because she suffers from knee problems. I will tell all my family and friends about the tonic and what it has done for me. Thanks for this wonderful product!!!
Nina, Canada

Since taking JC Tonic® my breathing is so much better, my joints no longer ache and pain, my panic attacks are gone and my migraine headaches are gone. In December, I developed a lump behind my left ear lobe. I had to wait until September to get it removed. While I was waiting, I took 4 ounces of JC Tonic® daily. After it was out, I was told there was no cancer. I was over the moon. I feel so much better, have so much more energy, and think so much more clearly.

Thank you, Anthony, for JC Tonic® and thank you Helen Murphy for being such a loving sister and getting me started on JC Tonic®.
Sal, Texas

My gray hair is now black and growing. From after five years, my high blood pressure is down from between 160-100 to between 140-80 points, which is normal. My sinus problems, headaches, and back pains are gone and also my age spots, or liver spots, are lighter.
Danita, Michigan

I took my first dose of JC Tonic® on a Saturday morning. I cannot say I "felt" any difference in 15 minutes, but I was so busy that day I did not sit down at all! I was running around cleaning the house, then ran to town for groceries and other errands, came home and made three batches of lasagna, cleaned the kitchen, because I trashed it, then went out to the barn, saddled up my mare and took her for a ride, came home and groomed all the horses, fed them, moved everything out of the barn and swept the floor and put everything back in, cleaned the tack room, including an old trunk I had full of miscellaneous stuff that I either threw away or put away, painted a trailer, played with the dog, and came inside around 8:00 p.m.! I had not made supper yet, so I did that and I still felt wonderful! I had so much energy that I never got tired!

Each and every day since then, I have had a repeat of the same energy levels that I had that first time and I have been getting by with less than six hours of sleep each night, waking up refreshed and ready to go! I had been having stress headaches for several months, but ever since I started on the tonic, I have not had a single one and I used to have terrible cramps each month during my period, but I have not had a twinge of pain with that either.
Beverly, Colorado

I was going through menopause and having various symptoms including depression, debilitating migraine headaches, inability to work or concentrate, fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia and leg cramps. Since I have been taking JC Tonic®, I have no pain, more energy, no migraines and my menopause seems to be under control. YEAH!
Constance, Colorado

The tonic helped my PMS to disappear. I have always had headaches and cramps, so I knew when that time of the month was coming. Now, I no longer have those. My mind is clear, it used to be really busy, but now I can focus on one thing and complete it. My vision is clearer and more defined and the circulation in my legs and feet is better. Also, I am not as hungry and I do not eat all of the time.
Judith, Wisconsin

I have been physically challenged for 15 years with chronic lower back pain, headaches, sleeplessness, and chronic fatigue, just to name a few. I have been under chiropractic care for the past nine years, having to have adjustments three to five times a week. For the past two years, I have had to use a cane to aid in my walking and my walking was very limited as to how far and how fast. I was a mess. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

I started to take JC Tonic® and within 6 weeks I felt like a changed person, physically and emotionally. I praise God for that, and thank him for giving the formula to Anthony's father. Two hours after I took my first mono-dose of JC Tonic®, I was able to walk down the block and back without too much difficulty. That night I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and slept through the night, waking early in the morning rested, renewed, alert and with more energy than I have had in a very long time. I have no need or desire for daytime naps anymore. By the end of seven days, I was walking 10 blocks in a 20-minute period, twice, and some days three times, WITHOUT A CANE!!!

When I went to the chiropractor, one week after taking JC Tonic®, he could not believe the difference in me. I could get out of the chair quickly, without difficulty and I walked lively, without the use of a cane and I climbed the stairs like a teenager. I even adjusted easier! Now I only have to go to him once every two weeks!

Since being on the tonic, I do not have headaches, which for years were a daily thing for me, no more sleeplessness, I have a lot more energy, I am more alert, my intense pain is gone, and my tiredness is gone. My blood sugars are under control, for the first time in 20 years, and I seem to notice new things happening each day. Happy and healthy I am becoming. For the first time in my life, when I look in the mirror, I like that person looking back at me. I have struggled with a poor self-image all my life, but now when I walk down the street or hallway and meet someone, I look them in the eye, smile and greet them, instead of hanging my head and looking at my shoes until they pass by me.

It is great to feel well and happy again. It has been a very long time in coming. Anthony, thank you for continuing the work your father began years ago. I am happy and excited to be on your team, sharing with others on how they too can be healthier and happier. God bless you!
Letter from Michael E. LaCourt, D.C. re: Judith Miller

Dear Sirs:

We write this letter concerning the apparent improved health condition of Judy Miller, our longstanding patient of years. We write this with her permission.

Judy upon entering our office presented with severe spinal distress. She was unable to walk well and needed the use of a cane as crutch. She also tolerated countless sleepless nights. We made comprehensive examinations and x-ray studies. Judy has endured muscle spasms as a protective mechanism. At times she was unable to come to our office.

Our treatment has been conservative in nature consisting primarily of specific corrective chiropractic spinal adjustments. We have met with some amount of moderate success, but Judy was still advised to maintain regular adjustments at a frequency of no less than once per week and often twice per week. She simply did not "hold" her adjustments well. She has also been unusually prone to aggravations and exacerbations from events that would not normally be harmful to someone like her, with a similar condition.

We have been aware that recently Judy has been making more remarkable progress than before and has needed fewer and fewer adjustments. At first we thought she had found an exercise regimen or changed her diet or had "behaved" with her activities. When we inquired of Judy what she had been doing she had informed us of the use and taking of your product as being the only change she had made.

Since we have working with Judy (spanning many years) we have never seen her in such a state of comfort for such a long period of time. She no longer relies on a cane as crutch. We also noticed that her chiropractic adjustments are "holding" much longer than before.

Judy no longer complains and she has her wonderful smile back on her face. We seldom note muscle spasms and we have found that her schedule of treatment with this office has been, necessarily, reduced. Her last adjustment was a month ago.

One can speculate through education and observe through symptomotology the far-reaching effects of a healthy nervous system. Since our bodies rely on our nervous system for coordination of all functions, a healthy nervous tissue is essential to every tissue cell and thus to the integrity of all body processes. Judy reports sleeping well at night. Her ability to be increasingly active is a huge stride in the healing arena. She is not home bound as was often the case in her history and driving is reportedly no longer a fear to her.

We have noticed a change of attitude with Judy. She always did maintain hope and faith; she now does so with an inspiring spring. The product she has been using has evidently and obviously helped her in many facets of her life. Judy has ignited this office into further interest of this product. If it an do all these wonderful things for her, then we are quite interested in what it may do for other patients as well. Judy has apparently found, after countless searches, the right product for her.
J.J., New York

I have been on JC Tonic® for eleven months and I drink two to three ounces a day. About fourteen years ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic, type 2. My doctor put me on chemical drugs. I wish that I would have found JC Tonic® thirteen years ago. Since I started taking the tonic eleven months ago, I am now only taking half of my insulin. I drink my JC Tonic® and my diabetes is completely under control - it is not cured. I feel very good, I am very strong and I have a lot of things going on in my life.

My wife was helped tremendously with her headaches and my cholesterol has come down. I also use it on the wrinkles on my face and I think I look pretty good.

I have four fish tanks and I treat the water in the tanks with the tonic every time I change the water. I also have two guinea pigs and I put a couple drops of tonic in their water. As they too have blood, it has got to help them also.

I know that I can count on JC Tonic® to help me the rest of my life. I will be a customer for the rest of my existence.
Tierra, Florida

My granddaughter, Tierra, has sickle-cell anemia. She is eleven years old and had a lot of problems. Sickle-cell anemia is a blood disease. The blood cells are not round. This disease causes a lot of pain and infections. When the cells cycle, the blood cannot flow easily through the arteries.

These abnormally sickle-shaped cells are both rigid and sticky. They stick to the walls and cannot squeeze through the capillaries. Blood flow becomes obstructed, depriving tissues and organs of oxygen. In the immediate setting, oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) can cause severe pain (the sickle-cell crisis). Over time, it leads to chronic and progressive destruction in organs and tissues throughout the body.

Tierra suffers from leg cramps, fatigue and dehydration. The red blood cells are low because the white cells override the red cells. Her blood count would go so low that she would pass out. I put her on JC Tonic® and now her blood count is normal - after only six months! The pain is gone, no more headaches and her grades are up. She can even participate in P.E.
Jean, Texas

I am 62-years-old, feel wonderful and I did not think that I needed the tonic. I garden and have a lot of plants and I am always puttering around. Well, one day, I woke up with a bad headache (I do not take aspirins or anything like that). Then I remembered, "My tonic." I took it and 30 minutes later, my headache was gone. It was gone! Ever since, when little things like that happen, I take the tonic. I am going to bed later and getting up earlier. This tonic is awesome.

Also, I called my son (31-years-old) and asked him about the tonic. He said, "Oh mom, you saved the best for last. Out of all the stuff you have gotten me on, this was it!" He is a pilot, works for an airplane company and he works out every day. It is even helping his skin. This is awesome!
We continue to receive success stories as more and more people try JC Tonic®.

Try it for yourself and see the difference it will make in your life.



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Disclaimer: JC TONIC® is a dietary supplement not a drug. Therefore, it is useful in effecting the structure and/or function of your body in various ways. However, it is not intended to and will not cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. Success Stories like those presented reflect truthful and actual experiences of individuals who have consumed JC TONIC® and have chosen to express their opinion regarding its personal use and the positive results they have achieved. Their point of view however may not be all encompassing and does not constitute scientific evidence that JC TONIC® will cause similar results in others including yourself nor are these statements representative of individual results you may anticipate. Jurak World Wide does not make any such drug or treatment claims for its products.

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