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Disclaimer: JC TONIC® is a dietary supplement not a drug. Therefore, it is useful in effecting the structure and/or function of your body in various ways. However, it is not intended to and will not cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. Success Stories like those presented reflect truthful and actual experiences of individuals who have consumed JC TONIC® and have chosen to express their opinion regarding its personal use and the positive results they have achieved. Their point of view however may not be all encompassing and does not constitute scientific evidence that JC TONIC® will cause similar results in others including yourself nor are these statements representative of individual results you may anticipate. Jurak World Wide does not make any such drug or treatment claims for its products.
Antoinette, North Dakota

I am 62 years old and I was having problems. I started using JC Tonic® and as the weeks passed, I gradually improved. I started doing very well, with lots of energy and becoming very active. I go down town every day now and visit my daughters and grandchildren. JC Tonic® has greatly improved my health and I sleep very well at night.
Jean, Colorado

When I first took the tonic, I got very sleepy. I thought, "Wait a minute. I am supposed to be getting energy," but I kept taking it, because my husband, Lenny, was so full of energy. I was over-whelmed with sleepiness for about a week, so I took the tonic at night. When the sleepiness went away, I did not seem to feel anything great, but I took it anyway and complained to Lenny that it was not doing anything for me.

About five months went by and then I realized that for two years, I had not been able to sleep at night and this might be why I was so sleepy at first. Now, I sleep all night and wake up early with no problem.

I have had chronic fatigue all my life. I noticed I was going for a longer period without tiring out. My hair is thicker, my nails have grown stronger and longer, and my heart does not flutter at night. I feel stronger and I have a good feeling of well-being.

I am so grateful for Anthony and Roger and for all the hard work they put into getting JC Tonic® out to the people and we will do our best to do the same.
Marcia, Colorado

I used to be in pain all of the time and my leg used to hurt very badly. When my friend, Connie, told me about the tonic, I did not believe it, but I said I would try it for a week. I felt different that week and have been taking JC Tonic® ever since.

My eyes used to hurt and in the evening, I could hardly see. I was sad and wondered what JC Tonic® could do about this and the little aches and pains I had. I said, "Oh, I am getting older and I do not want this to happen." But now, I am feeling young and I am so happy. JC Tonic® helps me in many areas.

My husband does not sleep well at night. One day I put some tonic in his tea and he slept very well that night, but he does not know anything about this...ha, ha.
Gerald, Wisconsin

I have been on JC Tonic® for over six months. A friend called and told me how JC Tonic® was helping her, so I decided to try it and to my amazement, it started to clean out the toxins from my body. After a week, I stated to get more energy. The dark circles around my eyes have disappeared and I am now getting more deep sleep and having good dreams. The pain in my knee is less and I am now able to mow the lawn and rake the leaves. I thank God for the tonic, which balances my body and my heart. I have a new sense of well being and will continue taking my tonic. Thank you Roger and Anthony for coming to Wisconsin and teaching us about the great benefits of the 18 tonic herbs that give us good health.
Tiffany, Iowa

Since I have started taking JC Tonic®, I am not bloated anymore, I drink more water, I have so much more energy to do things and I sleep better.
William, Canada

Since I began taking the tonic, my sleep has improved and I wake up more rested every morning, which helps with my stress levels. I find that I am not making nightly trips to the bathroom, which allows me a good six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Also, my general health has improved and my ability to do a full day's work has been enhanced.

Audrey, South Carolina

I started taking JC Tonic® and that is when my life changed. A friend of mine asked me if there was something available that could possibly help me feel better, would I try it. Well, of course I would. When I took the box home I knew my husband was going to ask how much it cost so I took a magic marker to black out the price, since we really didn't have the money for this tonic or anything else. You see, I am disabled and he is buying all of my medication each month, which runs somewhere between $700-$800 a month. A total of 17 pills a day.

Prior to taking JC Tonic®, I was in the hospital for complications due to ulcerated colitis. I had surgery but was in pain almost every day. My doctor tried many different types of medication and finally was able to have success with one. I was one sick person but can honestly say that I had two wonderful doctors.

Three days on JC Tonic® and I was able to sleep better, and had no more pain in my joints or stomach. My blood pressure is average, 120/79, and my mood & outlook changed for the better. As of today I am not on any prescription drugs at all and have lost 32 pounds. I cut out all junk food and sugar and I am able to exercise. All I take is one ounce of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. JC Tonic® seems to be able to help my body take care of business and keep these monsters at bay.

All I want to do today is live! Thank you Almighty God and Anthony Carl Jurak.
Bill, Mississippi

In November 2002, I had an automobile accident and broke my knee, hurt my back and was put on pain pills and steroids. They finally had to do surgery in February 2003. The first day back to work, I picked up a 100 pounds, fell back and broke my left shoulder. After six weeks, I got a blood clot. I was put in intensive care for about seven days and the doctor said that I would never work again. It was a miracle that I lived through it. I did not have one blood clot, but a massive pulmonary embolism. My lungs and heart were damaged. I was told to sell my business and go home and die. I was put on meds for pain, for my heart, for depression, water pills, blood thinners, diabetes meds, which was contributed by the steroids which increased my glucose intolerance levels. I got neuropathy in my feet, legs and arms. I have never experienced this type of excruciating pain, night and day. I developed sleep apnea.

Before JC Tonic®, I was $600.00 a month of nutritional supplements, which was barely keeping me alive. A very dear friend in Arkansas asked me to try JC Tonic®. I probably would have said no if it wasn't my friend that suggested it. I received my first bottle and started with one ounce in 64 ounces of purified water. I drank it all before bedtime and I slept better that night than I have slept in a long time. The second day I had more energy, and he pain in my legs, feet, hands, and shoulder lessened so much so that I did not take a pain pill and haven't taken one since. That in itself is amazing! The second night I did not wake up but one time. Normally I was waking five or six times every night. My energy went over the moon the second week. I used to get up at 10 a.m. and now I am getting up at 6 a.m. and staying up all day long. I was told to slow down because I needed some of that energy to help heal my body.

JC Tonic® has totally changed my life. I actually went back to work two days last week. I went for about four to six hours each day. My doctor told me that I would never work again. I am trying to pace myself because my body had atrophied so much and it can not keep up with my energy level. JC Tonic® is awesome - it is life changing!
Mary, Pennsylvania

I have been taking JC Tonic® for four months and am having amazing results. JC Tonic® has helped a great deal with my pain, making it a lot easier for me to cope.

For as long as I can remember, probably as far back as five years old, I have had trouble with my bowels. I would feel so clogged up that my belly would hurt. It was awfully uncomfortable. After only two weeks on the tonic, my body let loose and I am now able to go once a day. It has been a miracle. I've tried natural products and even got colonics, but nothing ever did the trick like JC Tonic® has.

When I started consuming JC Tonic®, I was on prescription medications for allergies, sinus trouble, and to help me sleep at night. Part of the reason I started taking medications was to avoid the terrible headaches I was having. However, when I took the medication along with the tonic, my head would hurt. So I stopped taking my pills in the morning and only took the tonic, without getting a headache. In the evening, I again took the tonic, but this time I also took my medication and the headache came back to haunt me. Now, I only take JC Tonic®. At first my headache would seem to get stronger, but only for a moment and then it would leave me and I would go to bed with absolutely no pain. I don't even need to take aspirin. All these years I have been trying different remedies and I finally found something that helps me - JC Tonic®!

I rode horses as a child and I now have a lot of aches and pains from being thrown off. One time I was thrown against a tree, which resulted in a herniated disc. I have had trouble with that for a long time. I went to get some Rolfing done. Rolfing is a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement. My Rolfer instructed me on his Gyrotonic machine. (Dancers and athletes will usually use this type of machine to help keep their muscles in shape and to prevent injuries. This machine also helps injured people.) He was amazed at what my body could do since I've been on the tonic. I only go to see him once a month. Before JC Tonic®, my body would be out of place by the time of my next appointment, but now my body has opened up and is holding its own. I am doing so well. Thank you, JC Tonic®!
Linda, Ohio

Hi! My name is Linda Davis; I am 42-years-old and live in Zanesville, Ohio. The reason I am writing this is so others can understand how JC Tonic® has impacted my health.

I was born with blood in my kidneys and whiteheads all over my body. From a young age I always had a sore throat, tonsillitis, allergies, and extremely sluggish digestion. All my life, however, I'd been blessed with an incredible amount of energy and will power. My mental capabilities were great and I could think clearly and convey my thoughts.

On January 20, 1998, all the positive things in my life changed. As a result of a motor vehicle accident, I was left with Fibromyalgia; insomnia; constant pain for four and a half years; depression; irritability; and my allergies ballooned. It caused much stress on my marriage.

All of this seems quite impossible to believe, but it's true. My husband and I went to many medical doctors trying to find relief although I didn't have any medical coverage. I had M.R.I.'s and E.M.G.'s. I went to the Pain Management Clinic, which cost us over $8,000. Doctors prescribed different medications, most of which I could not take. All of this was quite costly. We spent over $20,000 trying to find relief. Some of the money we had received from selling our home went for the Pain Clinic. The medical route became very costly and of little to no benefit.

The medications would alter my personality; some would make me aggressive and hateful. Besides these problems, some medications would blur my vision, make me nauseous, and cause muscle stiffness. I couldn't function for weeks, months at a time. Yet, nothing would kill my pain. I couldn't sleep at night on my own without sleeping medicine and then I would have horrible nightmares.

Due to the pain, I would not like my husband to put his arms around me or even touch me. It inhibited any form of recreation because everything caused pain, even playing cards. Simple tasks became insurmountable. If I would shop for groceries, I would lean over my cart and shuffle my feet. I would be so exhausted! When I came home, my husband would bring them into the house. I could put the cold items away, the rest stayed for the next day. Then I would sleep. I was entirely exhausted and would sleep for 2-3 hours. Nothing else would get done. Each day I would do one thing, rarely two. Some days all I could do was cook. Other days, I would do the laundry. My husband would have to carry everything up and down the steps for me. Not only was my husband providing for me, how he had to assume my tasks also. There was one thing I constantly, and that was sleep!

Along with this, I also had a cloudy mentality. I would see what would need to done, like dishes, dusting, or laundry, but could not make a decision on what to do. I became a couch potato because that didn't demand anything of me. My allergies got to the point where I couldn't be around anyone with perfume or cologne. I became more and more isolated from the people I loved.

Then, in May 2002, my life changed! Because of the caring persistence of Joseph O'Rourke, I was introduced to Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. The first dose and I was able to have a deep sleep. The next morning the pain had left my arms and elbows. My allergies left too. By the second day I was able to be around a large group of my friends for a Bible Educational program. I no longer needed to be in an isolated room!

This was more than enough to make me happy! Yet, other things began to happen to my body as I stayed on JC Tonic®: My digestion is no longer sluggish; my sinuses have cleared; I am mentally alert; my vision has cleared; my taste buds are getting better. My doctor has taken me off of two of my medications. For the first time in four and a half years I can sleep on my own. I am able to breathe out of my nose not my mouth only. My monthly cycle has improved and so has my acne. My friends say I don't look as stressed out. I look back to where I was and wanted you to see it too, and see how I have a life now.

Thinking back to Joseph O'Rourke and how he and Anthony Carl Jurak had contacted me previously, I am grateful! I listened but I didn't respond. For all of you who are deciding, remember my experience - not to feel sorry for me, but to learn. If I would have responded earlier to Joseph and Anthony, then my body would've been able to heal more quickly. It would have saved me incredible stress, pain, and money.

Try JC Tonic®! You and your loved ones will be grateful you did. Thank you Joseph O'Rourke and Anthony for giving me my life back by means of JC Tonic®.
Mark, Iowa

Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic has made me feel refreshed, more ambitious, cheerful, and full of energy. Also, it helps me sleep much better.
Cathy, Colorado

JC Tonic® gives me lots of energy, I sleep better and I am calmer. It makes me feel really good and my skin younger looking.
Faye, Iowa

Since taking JC Tonic®, I have more energy, not as much muscle pain and better sleep at night. I'm a professional signer/entertainer and full-time church secretary. More benefits to come! I am so excited to have JC Tonic® in my life.
Corazon, Colorado

On the second or third day of drinking JC Tonic®, I realized for the first time that I have been a nervous person. JC Tonic® is the ONLY PRODUCT that I experience calmness with.

I do not tremble inside and I do not fall asleep while reading or writing. Last month, a beauty school teacher, who has been working on my hair for years, told me that I hardly have gray hair on the back of my head and the small hairs growing around my forehead is dark.

A diabetic friend told me that he used to often wake up at night and had difficulty sleeping. He told me the best product for sleep is JC Tonic®, because it helps him sleep soundly. I gave a sluggish, 18-year-old, cosmetology student the tonic. A few minutes later, I watched her, as she could not sit still, swirling around in the chair. She told me that she was feeling good and had lots of energy. A couple in their mid 40's asked me for samples of JC Tonic®, because the husband was very nervous. In less than one minute after they took the tonic, they could feel a difference. Thank you!
Lily, Ohio

Thanks to JC Tonic®, I have seen great improvement in my sleep pattern. I now sleep sound and peaceful for longer durations throughout the night. I have a lot more energy and I am now motivated to get up and tackle those household duties that I neglected due to lack of energy. I have always disliked drinking water, but since consuming JC Tonic®, water has become more tasteful and satisfying to my body.
Al, Utah

My name is Al Garcia and I am an Herbalist from Utah. I am the founder of a chain of herbal stores throughout the United States called "Herbs for Health" and my headquarters is in Roy, Utah. I have reviewed, evaluated and recommended many natural health products in my time. I only mention this, so you will realize the value of the comment that I would like to make about JC Tonic®. With the increased confusion that has been placed on consumers as to which products are excellent, top quality and potent, versus, "Okay, but I did not seem to feel anything!" to "This was just a plain gimmick product!" I want readers to realize that this is a FABULOUS tonic and will do amazing things for their health.

I have been using JC Tonic® for two months and I take many independent herbs. When I travel, it becomes challenging to take everything I do at home, so when I heard about JC Tonic®, I decided to see if it would help me keep my clarity, focus and stress levels down, so I can focus on my business, family and the purpose I have in helping people and understanding herbal products.

Well, this tonic exceeded my expectations. It did not taste bad and I could function better. It was not alcoholic tasting, as I have come to expect from tinctures, extracts, elixirs, tonics and homeopathies.

My energy level went for several hours longer, I could fall asleep quicker and was raring to go the next morning. If I had to grab just one product from over one thousand items in my store, due to emergency reasons, I would surely grab a case of JC Tonic®.

Stop the confusion! Just try it for yourself. Then go one-step further and give a sample to someone you would love to have feel better.
Inez, Texas

My blood sugar level is down and I eat everything now, my energy is up and I sleep better.
Diane, Colorado

I used to have sinus problems, but thanks to JC Tonic®, I no longer do. My energy level has increased. I am sleeping more regular and I am able to concentrate and have clear thinking.
Mary, Colorado

I have taken the tonic for eight months and it gives me lots of energy. It has also helped my sinuses, allergies, and to sleep at night.
Carolin, Wisconsin

When Joseph O'Rourke called and told us about JC Tonic®, my husband Dave and I were very reluctant about even trying it because we had been taking another natural product for 11 years and just did not want to switch. Joseph went on to tell us how Anthony started his own company. We knew Anthony from before and had a lot of respect and faith in him and I believe that is why we tried the product.

We got fantastic results in only one day!!! My energy level is absolutely great! I can now get to sleep without tossing and turning and I sleep all night. My nervousness is gone, my digestion problems are much better and I feel great! Dave's energy level has increased too. He has a feeling of well-being and is very alert.

I originally told Joseph that we were not going to do the business, but here we are telling everybody about this wonderful JC Tonic®. We present it with an enthusiastic approach and from the heart. We like seeing how many people we can help with their health. Once they get on the product, we need to follow up with them; this is very important and it works. The Jurak marketing plan is the best we have ever seen. We tell people about the plan and encourage them to join us on this important mission.

We want to thank Anthony and the whole company, and especially Joseph for introducing this wonderful product and opportunity with us.
Dave, Wisconsin

I don't have anymore acid reflux problems; the pain in my joints is gone; there is no more hurting in my shoulders and legs; the ringing in my ears has declined; I don't have constipation anymore; I sleep better; I don't wake up at night; and I get a better rest. My cholesterol went down. I've had a bad farm accident and was on a very strong pain pill.

After my 6th surgery, Joseph O'Rourke said to take 2 oz of JC Tonic® a day when I came home from the hospital. I did and the pain was gone, and I never took another pain pill. I now have more sustained energy, but not hyper energy. I can work and think more clearly. I just have an all-around better sense of well-being. All this energy creates a much more positive attitude the whole daylong.

This is the most wonderful product and company that we have been a part of. We share the product with people everyday. We want to thank Anthony and Roger for sharing this with us, and Joseph O'Rourke for telling us about JC Tonic®. We are very proud to be a part of this company and are impacting world health.
Bonnie, Wisconsin

JC Tonic® has done many things for me. I had always had a problem with constipation as well as swelling in my ankles and legs. Both of these conditions have disappeared. Every winter I would have small nosebleeds almost everyday and now I seldom have this problem. My digestion is better than it used to be. I used to get up once or twice during the night. Many times, I would wake up and not be able to get back to sleep for hours, but now I usually sleep through the night.

Before drinking JC Tonic®, I was going through a very bad period of anxiety and fear. I would get panicky over things like driving in a car, being in an elevator or a tiny bathroom, and I would not sleep in the dark. I tried many different things for this including reflexology, which helped some, but after drinking JC Tonic®, I feel about 90% improved. I still do not care too much for small closed in places, but I do not panic. I do not mind the dark and I am driving myself now. Last winter I would get so tired and exhausted that I could not stay up past 7:30 or 8:00 p.m., but now I can stay up until 10:30 or 11:00.

I am thankful to Anthony Carl Jurak for making this wonderful product available to the people of America, for all the friends I have made, and for all the things I have learned from listening to the weekly conference calls.
Dennis, Colorado

I just want to share my experience on using JC Tonic®. For several years I have suffered with pain in my hands and knees. Last year it was getting so painful that when I would sit down for any length of time and then get up, the pain in my knees would be so bad that I would actually have to just stand there for a few minutes before I could walk. Then all of that changed.

A fellow worker of mine, Ken Glenn, shared with me these tonic herbs that he had been taking. He told me of the benefits that he and his family were getting, so I figured that I had nothing lose. I purchased my first box from him and to my amazement the pain in my hands and knees began to subside within three or four days. Shortly after that I was experiencing no pain at all. I have been on the product now for about five months. Not only do I see and feel a big difference in my health, but my co-workers also can see the change. I sleep much better at night and wake up with more energy than ever before.

I definitely recommend JC Tonic® for everyone. If it could help me with my problems, I am confident that others will benefit just as well. All of this happened at the best of time also. I retired from Coors Brewing Company after 30 years of service. Now I can really look forward to my retirement because of the better health that I have.
Harry, Virginia

As the author of my best selling "Near Death Survivor" book "THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL", I first of all want to introduce a small segment from the introduction on page three and I quote: "From the minute we are born, we are of course beginning to die. When we think about this, as we grow older, we know it is true and accept it as a rueful reality. We also hope the process of gradually dying, inevitable as it is, will be long and enjoyable, but the length of our life depends on the parts of our body lasting the course and not coming to a painful and premature end."

In my case, part of me was coming to an end or a worsening condition. I was getting up at night, far too frequently, with a resultant lack of sleep and the irritability that went with it. Dan D'Agostino, who purchased a copy of my book and who turned out to be a fervent believer in the JCWW philosophy of Sempre Viva, was instrumental in my taking JC Tonic®, with immediate favorable results. After only three or four doses, my sleep patterns greatly improved and my visits to the bathroom in the middle of the night grew less and less.

In addition, at age 85, the brown spots on the back of my hands began to fade away. I credit JC Tonic® and Dan for the obvious improvement in my health and my natural desire to tell as many other people, who may be having problems about its proven efficacy. To improve the health of someone like me, who is 85% of the way to becoming a centenarian is veritably a signal event.
Ed, Georgia

I am 67 years old and I have been on JC Tonic® for eight months. Liz Sutter and Brian Polzar sent me an ounce of the tonic and I almost threw it away. I have taken enough natural medicine to know that one ounce of anything was not going to do anything. At the time, I could not even bend over and pick up a piece of paper. I was taking a colon cleanse every night. I was really run down and drugged-out. I really felt like I was not going to live much longer.

After my surgery, I started taking JC Tonic® and the first thing I noticed was energy. I would wake up in the morning and feel like getting up. My indigestion was gone - I used to take Rolaids everywhere I went and kept them by my bedside. In regards to my colon cleanse problem, my constant constipation is gone and I go sometimes twice a day.

I had all kinds of breathing problems during the night. Since the tonic, I have not been waking up at all at night whereas I used to get up four or five times a night and then I would lay there noticing that my breath was not right.

It is so wonderful to be off all medications. I don't take anything but my JC Tonic® twice a day and I don't want anything else.
Sylvi, Colorado

A date for me to remember is August 12, 1999. On Sunday, August 8, 1999, I began feeling very tired and out of it. All I wanted to do was to go home after church and go to bed, which I did, but I could not fall asleep. The following day, I had to go to work. I was feeling out of it that day, which was Tuesday. The next day, I still felt out of it. My co-workers approached me on how I was feeling. They noticed that I was not behaving like myself. I responded that I was not feeling very well and that I was feeling very tired, restless and did not have any energy.

So, I called my doctor on Thursday morning on August 12, 1999 and explained to him how I had been feeling. He told me to come in, so I went that afternoon. He examined me and did some blood work, but I told him I needed something to help me sleep while he waited for my results on Monday. He gave me some sleeping pills, but instead of taking them, I took Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic that night before going to bed.

This is the part I love the most: after leaving the doctor's office, I went to the post office, where I met Mr. Joseph O'Rourke. He was entering through the doors as I was exiting. He held the door for me and he asked, "M'am, could I ask you a question?" I said okay. He said, "How would you like to feel healthy?" My response was, "Right now, I would be very happy to feel healthy." So, he started to tell me what Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic would do for me. To make it more interesting, he had described the symptoms I was feeling at that particular time. This was amazing to me. I began thanking the Lord Jesus for sending this individual to me.

He was kind enough to let me have two monodoses for free and told me to take one after dinner. That Thursday evening, I took one monodose after dinner and went to bed at 9:30 p.m. I slept from 9:30 p.m. until 8:45 a.m. the next morning. I felt like a new person and I still take the tonic. I feel great today. I have since introduced the tonic to my friends and family.
Lottie, Wisconsin

I am 82 years old and have been drinking JC Tonic® for four and a half months. I had a bad back and was in the Mayo Clinic three times. Some of the doctors were considering surgery because my bones were so very brittle. It was hard for me to get in and out of a car. Now that I have been on the tonic, I have no problem getting in and out of the car. My back is so much stronger now. I have more energy. Why? Because I sleep so much better. I had a buzzing in my ears and that has improved. I was losing so much hair that I was going bald in one spot in the back of my head and was in the process of getting a wig. Lo and behold, in about four weeks I noticed that my hair was coming in. I am blonde again and I love it. I rinse my hair with tonic in a little water and it feels so clean. Color has returned to my face. I usually get a cold this time of year but I did not. So many people were getting the flu, but not me. One more thing, I put a few drops of JC Tonic® in the water for my geraniums and you should see the buds and my poinsettia will probably still be blooming for Thanksgiving. I will stay on JC Tonic® for the rest of my life and I plan to live until I am 100.
Raymond, Wisconsin

I started using JC Tonic® and about three weeks later I noticed substantial improvement in prostate condition (only one bathroom call per night as compared to three or four before); substantial improvement in night sleep pattern - awake in morning fully rested with more energy; normal bowel evacuation now as compared to constipation; skin feels more flexible and healthy.
Shirley, Wisconsin

I am 57 years old and I take and ounce of JC Tonic® a day, sometimes and ounce and a half. First of all, THANK YOU Debra Janz and Roger for eaves dropping in on our conversation at the restaurant where my friends and I were having lunch one Sunday. Roger gave me a one ounce monodose and by Thursday night's meeting I bought more.

Before starting on JC Tonic®, I was ready to quite my job, which was only nine to fifteen hours a week, because I didn't have the stamina or energy to do it. I would go to the chiropractor at least once a week if not two or three times. My medical history includes two car accidents that really messed up my neck, degenerative arthritic disease in my spine (bottom 3 discs are affected), fibromyalgia, gout, bursitis of the hips for 20 years, rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, carpal tunnel, fibrous tumors of the ankles, fallen arches, arthritis and tendonitis in both shoulders, tendonitis in my right elbow, hot flashes, constipation, trouble sleeping, allergies to all medications, rhinitis, sinus problems, Barrett's Esophagus, circulation problems, low energy, low blood pressure, muscle cramps throughout my body, and shortness of breath when I tried to exercise. I am hard of hearing in both ears, sugar intolerant and lactose intolerant. I have problems with my knees and numbness in both of my hands. I had constant pain in my hands, hips, feet, neck and back. My hands were swollen all the time and becoming numb. My left thumb had shooting pain and a spur about the size of a marble growing on the knuckle. Being allergic to pain medication, I couldn't take anything for the pain. I had dropped a butcher knife into my right foot, got four stitches and the pain never went away. I dropped a hot iron on my arm about a week later. My hands couldn't hold anything anymore.

After I started to drink JC Tonic®, it was only five days later and I was sleeping better and after six days the swelling in my ankles wend down. In two months the swelling was gone. After nine months of continuous pain from the knife injury in my foot, it now doesn't hurt anymore and the scar disappeared after being on the tonic seven weeks. The scar from the iron has almost disappeared too. They were both a very dark brown. I always did scar easily. I don't bruise easily anymore. What difference does that make? A lot, because I would just bump up against something and get a big, dark, ugly bruise and it would hurt for days. The doctors couldn't explain it.

After ten days it was like someone turned on a switch inside me and my energy came back like I hadn't felt since before my hysterectomy in 2000. After my hysterectomy I was put on a very strong hormone. It actually made me very sick. I felt I must have been allergic to it, but the doctor refused to take me off of it and put me on something else. I finally told him he had better let me try something else or I would quit it all together. So he put me on a lesser dose of another brand. After I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, I asked to be put on a patch to bypass my stomach. My nutritionist agreed, but the patch still gave me problems. Being on JC Tonic® only six weeks took care of all these problems.

Being sugar intolerant and having cravings for sugar was not a good thing. By three weeks, I didn't have any sugar cravings. Many things started to happen at the six week mark of taking JC Tonic®. My acid reflux was much better. I am off the two medications I was on and am now only drinking JC Tonic®. I still have to watch what I am eating. Not having to take the two medications I was on alone is saving me over $77.00 a month. I am saving on other supplements and chiropractic treatments also. I only go to the chiropractor once a month, so I figure that saves me around $200-$300 a month.

The pain in my hips was so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. My hips were constantly going out of place causing he pain. After six weeks on JC Tonic® the pain was completely gone. Seven weeks marked another turn in health. My constipation problem corrected itself and also my knees improved.

One morning I woke up with a hot burning sensation going up my spine. It felt great. My back is doing better all the time. I took at 200 mile drive in the car recently, which I haven't been able to do for three years, and I had no problem with sitting or cramps and I felt good when I got home.

After eight weeks I noticed that I wasn't having sinus problems like I usually did during the spring/fall months. My circulation is much better and I am not cold all the time. I can sleep good now with a fan on. That is great because I used to sleep all summer with two blankets on. The spur on my hand disappeared after about eight weeks on the JC Tonic®. The movement started to come back. The swelling is now gone during the day and my hands are beginning to look normal, the knuckles are not as deformed looking as before.
Carroll & Betty, Illinois

Hello! Our names are Carroll and Betty, ages 73 and 75 years respectively, from Illinois and we winter in Arizona. In January 2005 we were introduced to JC Tonic® by Carson Mansfield while he was at our County Store at Towerpoint Resort.

I am Carroll and three years ago I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and have controlled the disease by eating properly. I had crusty skin on my head and very thick and rough callous on my heals and feet. I had developed some skin hanging from the edge of my right eyelid, which obstructed my vision. Since taking JC Tonic®, the hanging skin on my eyelid has reduced in size and my toenails are beginning to look pink again. A month after using JC Tonic®, the crustiness is gone from my head and back. The diabetes remains level and I can even eat more ice cream.

I am Betty, a real skeptic. As I passed Carson's vendor table that day in January, I looked the other direction because I was determined Carroll would not get me on any more herbs. When I arrived home I found the bottle on the counter and I told Carroll very emphatically, "Don't try to get me on that stuff because I am not trying anything new." Within a month after noticing how the crustiness was gone from Carroll's head, I made the decision to start taking JC Tonic®.

In 1998 I had quadruple by-pass surgery, which left me with little energy. I used so many medications and herbs in the past seven years with minimal results. I would also develop bronchitis during our travels to and from Arizona.

In the first month, I noticed a significant shift in my energy level. It was tremendous and it continues to get better. Within two months of taking JC Tonic®, I was able to walk up and down a flight of stairs just like a normal person instead of having to take one step at a time.

Last summer I had been lying awake until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. each night, so I began taking another product just so I could fall asleep. I'm happy to say that beginning in May, I stopped having to take the sleep aid and have been sleeping like a baby ever since thanks to JC Tonic®!

We thank God every day for sending Carson into our lives and sharing this wonderful product with us. It has helped us feel younger and so much healthier.
Anna, North Dakota

My husband says I am the thinker of the family. It always takes me a long time to make up my mind. I'm told it is the Norwegian in me! So, when my brother and sister-in-law started talking about this wonderful tonic they were taking, I put my "thinking cap" on.

They were so convincing about it and had all kinds of papers telling me many things about JC Tonic®; I had no choice but to listen. When they left, I read all the information they had given me that night. We started out with the one box for both my husband and I, taking a half monodose a day to start. I started to feel a change within a few days. I was not as tired and for the first time in many years, I felt like getting out of bed in the morning. After a week, I started to take a whole ounce each morning. I began to be more aware of what was going on, more alert! I also discovered I slept better at night. Instead of getting up to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so, I was now only getting up once or twice a night!

No one can tell me that JC Tonic® has not helped me in more ways than one! I am going to take it as long as I can. I expect to see even more improvements, especially when the weather gets nicer and I can walk outside. I am a "heavy person" and expect (or hope) to drop some weight. I just had a birthday (56th) and find it is hard to loose weight at this stage of the game. We will see what I look like by the end of summer with God, JC Tonic® and I. We are going to be a team to watch.
Steven, Colorado

Hi, my name is Steven. After I was born and went home from the hospital, I suffered from sleeping disorders. I struggled to breathe, I lost my breath and I snored loud. I had to sleep sitting up in a bouncer seat for a very long time, with my mom by my side. After seeing homeopathic doctors, Chinese doctors, chiropractors, and having a few cranial adjustments (that's having your head worked on) over a four year period with some results but none that were lasting, my mom and I thought it would help to get my tonsils out. The appointment was made and I was so happy to think I might soon be able to get a good night's sleep.

Then a miracle happened. My mom was introduced to Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. I had missed so much kindergarten due to sickness and being tired because of not being able to sleep at night, but when I started first grade, I made it almost every day because my mom gave me half an ounce of JC Tonic® every morning before school to keep me healthy and happy. I am so glad I get a good night's sleep now and so is my mom. And now I have energy to go to school every day. I never did have to get my tonsils out. I'm eight now and for a year and a half I have been taking JC Tonic®, and I don't plan on quitting. Thank you Mom, JC Tonic®, and Anthony.
Susie, Colorado

Hi, my name is Susie. My son Steven was a very happy baby until he went to sleep; that's when his problems started. He would gasp for air and sometimes he even stopped breathing. He would snore and was a very fitful sleeper. Having a newborn is hard; having a sick newborn is exhausting. I would try any natural method to help Steven, and I would tell anyone who would listen of Steven's sleeping disorder. All the stress and sleepless nights had an adverse affect on me, although I didn't notice it because I was too busy taking care of a sick baby. But when the panic attacks started and my depression got worse, I knew I needed help. At the time, I was only giving Steven ½ ounce of JC Tonic® so I started taking the other half.

To make a long story short, I did get over my panic attacks and depression. Now I sleep better and don't need a nap during the day anymore because I have energy that lasts all day. Finding the Tonic helped my continuous search for a natural product to help Steven and myself get well. THANK YOU JC Tonic® and Jeanie for listening to my plea for help, and THANK YOU Anthony for providing the Whole Body Tonic.
Sarah and Jonathan, Arkansas

I am a single mother and do housecleaning for a living. In October 2000, I developed back pain. Regina Andrews told me about JC Tonic®, so I decided to stop by her house for some on my way to a Christmas Youth Supper. I took an ounce before leaving her house and within a ½ hour, I had no pain. I sat that evening for three hours and still had no pain, when before, sitting was the most painful position.

Within a month, I noticed my allergies were gone; in three months, I didn't need glasses anymore after wearing them for 28 years; I don't battle with a weight problem any more; I sleep better; stress doesn't get me down as it used to; and I have only occasional back pain.

In the fall of 2001, my doctors' recommendation was to eliminate saturated fats from my diet and return for more tests in two months to see if there were any changes. Since then, I have been able to control that problem with JC Tonic®, colloidal silver, and barley green, and I have not had to return for more tests.

My son, Jonathan, 3½-years-old, isn't troubled with allergies anymore. He thinks it is ‘big' to take JC Tonic® and asks for it. We are so thankful to the Lord for His wonderful care.
Constance, Colorado

I started taking JC Tonic® in October 1999. The first thing I noticed was that my mind was not so busy, and I was better able to focus on doing one thing at a time and finish what I was doing instead of running around and starting many projects but not finishing them. I can sleep better now. I used to wake up every two or three hours all through the night, and now I sleep through seven to eight hours without waking up even once. I am more rested and now I can sleep five or six hours and get up more energetic. I also noticed the age or liver spots on my face, hands, and legs were disappearing. My skin is a lot nicer now.

I used to be so tired all the time, but now I have enough energy to do my job and go home and not just crash on the couch because I am so tired. I have a lot of energy and endurance.

Thanks to God that Anthony's father made this tonic, thanks to Anthony who made it for us, and thanks to Roger for his time with us.
Judith, Wisconsin

I have been physically challenged for 15 years with chronic lower back pain, headaches, sleeplessness, and chronic fatigue, just to name a few. I have been under chiropractic care for the past nine years, having to have adjustments three to five times a week. For the past two years, I have had to use a cane to aid in my walking and my walking was very limited as to how far and how fast. I was a mess. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

I started to take JC Tonic® and within 6 weeks I felt like a changed person, physically and emotionally. I praise God for that, and thank him for giving the formula to Anthony's father. Two hours after I took my first mono-dose of JC Tonic®, I was able to walk down the block and back without too much difficulty. That night I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and slept through the night, waking early in the morning rested, renewed, alert and with more energy than I have had in a very long time. I have no need or desire for daytime naps anymore. By the end of seven days, I was walking 10 blocks in a 20-minute period, twice, and some days three times, WITHOUT A CANE!!!

When I went to the chiropractor, one week after taking JC Tonic®, he could not believe the difference in me. I could get out of the chair quickly, without difficulty and I walked lively, without the use of a cane and I climbed the stairs like a teenager. I even adjusted easier! Now I only have to go to him once every two weeks!

Since being on the tonic, I do not have headaches, which for years were a daily thing for me, no more sleeplessness, I have a lot more energy, I am more alert, my intense pain is gone, and my tiredness is gone. My blood sugars are under control, for the first time in 20 years, and I seem to notice new things happening each day. Happy and healthy I am becoming. For the first time in my life, when I look in the mirror, I like that person looking back at me. I have struggled with a poor self-image all my life, but now when I walk down the street or hallway and meet someone, I look them in the eye, smile and greet them, instead of hanging my head and looking at my shoes until they pass by me.

It is great to feel well and happy again. It has been a very long time in coming. Anthony, thank you for continuing the work your father began years ago. I am happy and excited to be on your team, sharing with others on how they too can be healthier and happier. God bless you!
Letter from Michael E. LaCourt, D.C. re: Judith Miller

Dear Sirs:

We write this letter concerning the apparent improved health condition of Judy Miller, our longstanding patient of years. We write this with her permission.

Judy upon entering our office presented with severe spinal distress. She was unable to walk well and needed the use of a cane as crutch. She also tolerated countless sleepless nights. We made comprehensive examinations and x-ray studies. Judy has endured muscle spasms as a protective mechanism. At times she was unable to come to our office.

Our treatment has been conservative in nature consisting primarily of specific corrective chiropractic spinal adjustments. We have met with some amount of moderate success, but Judy was still advised to maintain regular adjustments at a frequency of no less than once per week and often twice per week. She simply did not "hold" her adjustments well. She has also been unusually prone to aggravations and exacerbations from events that would not normally be harmful to someone like her, with a similar condition.

We have been aware that recently Judy has been making more remarkable progress than before and has needed fewer and fewer adjustments. At first we thought she had found an exercise regimen or changed her diet or had "behaved" with her activities. When we inquired of Judy what she had been doing she had informed us of the use and taking of your product as being the only change she had made.

Since we have working with Judy (spanning many years) we have never seen her in such a state of comfort for such a long period of time. She no longer relies on a cane as crutch. We also noticed that her chiropractic adjustments are "holding" much longer than before.

Judy no longer complains and she has her wonderful smile back on her face. We seldom note muscle spasms and we have found that her schedule of treatment with this office has been, necessarily, reduced. Her last adjustment was a month ago.

One can speculate through education and observe through symptomotology the far-reaching effects of a healthy nervous system. Since our bodies rely on our nervous system for coordination of all functions, a healthy nervous tissue is essential to every tissue cell and thus to the integrity of all body processes. Judy reports sleeping well at night. Her ability to be increasingly active is a huge stride in the healing arena. She is not home bound as was often the case in her history and driving is reportedly no longer a fear to her.

We have noticed a change of attitude with Judy. She always did maintain hope and faith; she now does so with an inspiring spring. The product she has been using has evidently and obviously helped her in many facets of her life. Judy has ignited this office into further interest of this product. If it an do all these wonderful things for her, then we are quite interested in what it may do for other patients as well. Judy has apparently found, after countless searches, the right product for her.
Mary, Montana

My name is Mary Murphy. I am 53-years-old and I have been taking JC Tonic® for a little over 4 months. I was a little skeptical at first because I have tried other things with many claims, but I am older and a few more things are going on with my body. Besides menopause, I have lots of pain everywhere. I do not slow down for anything; too many things to do and things I want to try. I just deal with whatever pain comes up.

When I was losing energy and not wanting to do all that I can do I felt I needed to make drastic changes. A friend said I should try this tonic. I tried it for one month and noticed my joints weren't so sore. I slept wonderfully and some days I just could have slept all day (which is a sign that the tonic is working, but unusual for me). It wasn't just a sleep, it was a wonderful deep sleep with no dreams. I woke up full of energy and ready for the day. I could work all day long even into the evening feeling my old self. My daughter was amazed at how much I could get done. This is landscaping, digging, lifting – not normal women things unless you have help. I did not wake up sore and beat in the morning, it was like I had exercised and woke up ready to do it again. Fabulous feeling.

I was also doing 1-2 mile brisk walks and lifting hand weights etc. at 6:30 am before preparing for work. I am losing weight. I believe I could stand to lose 20 more pounds. I feel great about myself. My attitude it better and I can cope better with day-to-day stress. I love life and getting up in the morning.

A little funny story…I have beta fish that I'm sort of attached to. One was dying and I felt so bad I did not want to loose him. I put several drops of the tonic in the water every day for a week and the fish would just stay in that spot. Then about 7 days later he was swimming around frisky and excited to see me again. Now I have my cat on the tonic too.

I have also been horse back riding. Even though I haven't been on a horse in twenty years I was not sore the next day. I am just amazed at this tonic.
Shirley, Minnesota

I started using JC Tonic® in September 1999. I have lots of energy and I began sleeping better. My arthritis had me in so much pain that I was ready to quit my job that I have been working at for 20 years. It also helped with my circulation.
Cathy, Colorado

The doctors could not help me. They tried 65 electric shock treatments and that only made things worse, as it erased most of my memory. I had to deal with all kinds of steroids, anti-depressants and anti-hallucinogens - all kinds of different medicines. I cannot tell you what it is like to wake up in the morning and take a handful of drugs and to go to bed at night and have to take another handful of drugs. It was very hard on me and my family, especially my husband.

Now, with JC Tonic®, I have a much brighter outlook on life. I have been able to sleep when I couldn't before and I have not felt so good in all of my life.
Barbara, Iowa

For 35 years, I had a large goiter and for 20 years I have had psoriasis. Also, ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I could not move my arms above my head for 7 years. My triglycerides and cholesterol were out of whack. My triglyceride level was 480 and my cholesterol was 300. My blood pressure has been running 180 over 98.

I've been to several doctors and tried many remedies and nothing has helped me. I felt like an old dishrag, limp and worn out. I've been to one specialist after another. I also have been on a variety of medications, none of which worked.

For the past ten years, I was extremely depressed, bitter, angry, and felt like I was walking in a fog. I went to my chiropractor for pain management and it was there that I met Tiffany Bizios. She introduced me to JC Tonic®. She had much faith in this product, and I could see it in her eyes. At first, I was skeptical of something that could truly help me because, at this point in time, I had given up. It took me a couple of days of prayer before the Lord convinced me to take it. I could not believe the energy I felt after only taking one monodose. I did experience a slight headache, but it didn't discourage me since I hadn't felt this kind of energy in over ten years. Day by day, I have noticed a change. Before I could only sleep for an hour without pain, and now I can sleep up to seven restful hours.

After one week, I noticed my psoriasis had cleared up. After three weeks, I am now able to move my arms above my head, I am doing aerobics again, my triglycerides are 180, my cholesterol is 150, my blood pressure has leveled and is now 120 over 76, and I have also lost 15 pounds. To add to my excitement, I was in the bathroom fixing my hair, and I had on a loose fitting shirt; my husband of 24 years walked in to get something and said, "Barb, look at your neck, that goiter is starting to shrink!" I left the bathroom to go try on some turtlenecks that I could never wear comfortably. Now they fit loose and some of my necklaces fit now too. This was truly a miracle to me. I cleared out a quarter size mucus plug out of my sinuses the other day, and then my hearing improved also. I was not even aware of this problem. My skin is fresh and supple again, and my age spots are disappearing.

At this point, I was feeling so good I decided to share this wonderful product with my family and friends. So I joined the company and had a meeting at my home. I was anxious to show all my friends—who saw me suffer for so many years—the new me! Seventeen people came to the meeting, and their reaction was one of total amazement and disbelief. Almost everyone bought the tonic, and two of them registered with Jurak. Already, the product is helping most of them.

I feel good, and I look good! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Tiffany Bizios, for caring enough about me to introduce me to JC Tonic®. I also want to thank Anthony Jurak for passing down his father's formula to continue helping people. Thank you for such a wonderful product, so I can enjoy my life again. Thanks so much!
Fred, Colorado

I have been using JC Tonic® for a while and I am noticing more energy, more mental alertness and I sleep better at night. I appreciate this product, because I have had a problem of feeling tired during the day. This really seems to solve the problem, so I can work a full day and get a lot done. I take my hats off to you for putting out a good product.
Gerri Rawlins

I was having a lot of problems and was told that I had sinus infections and was put on Zantac and Allegra, and all kinds of other stuff, but it was not working. I started drinking JC Tonic® and I do not have any more allergy problems and I do not have to take allergy pills anymore. I work around cottonwood and I am allergic to it. Now, I can actually be outside and enjoy it. I also had stomach problems and I was using Maalox and all that stuff, but I am not using them anymore. Also, I have energy now, I can sleep at night and my daughter is about to be two, so I need all of the energy that I can get. It is working for me.
Cindy, Florida

I have been on JC Tonic® for three weeks. My daughter and I both have allergies. She does not sound congested anymore and we both have a lot of energy. I, myself, sit at a computer all day at work. The muscles in my back used to be tense, like I needed a massage. Thanks to JC Tonic® it helps relax my muscles and we both sleep much better at night and feel good in the morning.
Sophia, Colorado

I have a niece who owns a small restaurant and she works long hours, so she gets tired. I gave her two monodoses of the tonic and she noticed how it gave her energy and she can sleep all night, so she signed up and is doing great.
Loretta, Colorado

I am 47-years-old and was falling apart. I have been taking JC Tonic® for five months and I cannot believe how good I feel. The natural herbs have helped with my problems, so I no longer have hot flashes and anxiety attacks. We have always been health conscience, but nothing has ever made us feel so good.

My husband, Robert, and I have never been so happy and healthy. Our energy levels have never been as high as they are now and we fall asleep faster and sleep much better. I have noticed a great improvement in my husband's attitude and his health. He is also seeing some hair starting to re-grow on his beautiful forehead. Thanks for everything Anthony and Roger.
Molly, Texas

I am 77 years old and have been on JC Tonic® a little over a year now. Before the tonic, I was going through many problems, not sleeping, no energy, and it seemed like I was rundown and tired all the time. I take care of my husband who has many problems and can do little for himself. I also shop and take care of the many needs of my 94 years old neighbor . My body was just rundown. I just could not make it from one day to the next. I went to bed tired and woke up tired. Now that I take JC Tonic®, I sleep good, my appetite is better and my energy level is up. I can deal with myself and other people better. I intend to take JC Tonic® for the rest of my life.
Stella, Arizona

I am 72 years old and have been taking JC Tonic® for about 9 months. I am getting relief with my sinuses, less drainage and I don't cough as much. I have a back problem and my husband has been rubbing the tonic on my back in the morning. It is not a pain, but more like an ache and it seems to be going away - it used to be constant. Before I go to bed I rub tonic on my knee and on my ankle where I have problems. I am flossing my teeth with the tonic (I dip the floss into the tonic). I have moles on my back and my husband is rubbing the tonic on them and they are going away. I also have more energy and I am sleeping better.
Toni, Colorado

For myself, I have noticed energy the instant I take JC Tonic®. I have had problems sleeping and now I sleep a very sound sleep, wake up refreshed and willing to get up and go. Also, I have the ability to complete what I start and I look forward to drinking it everyday.

I am giving it to my son, who has a stutter problem and learning disability. I have noticed he is expressing himself more and a lot clearer, with little stuttering, and his lack of concentration has improved drastically to the point where he is eager to keep learning and reading, which for his disabilities he would shy away from, and now, at times, he falls asleep with his books piled beside him.

Also, I take care of my grandparents and have seen a drastic change in my grandmother, because she is still taking it. She has a lot more energy, sleeping a sound sleep, remembering a lot more, and able to function and walk a lot better than before. She used to be slouched over and now she walks with her head up.
Dan, Iowa

Since I have been on the tonic, it has helped me with my sinus problems and my sleeping pattern. It has also given me energy.
Eleanor & Burdette, Wisconsin

I, Burdette, am experiencing more energy, less pain and better sleep. My hair is starting to turn darker and grow faster and thicker. I will take JC Tonic® as long as possible and continue to tell others and fulfill my mission to "Give The People of The World What They Need Before They Know They Need It". My wife, Eleanor, has more of a smile, laughs more and is more cheerful when talking on the phone with others.

I, Eleanor, feel alert in the mornings, ready to work and need only 6 hours of sleep. My lungs have cleared up so I'm not suffering from so much phlegm. I can sing better without coughing. I believe the tonic has made me more flexible. Burdette is calmer and not so uptight about things.

We are thankful to God there is a man like Anthony Carl Jurak, who decided to make a company and share his product with others.
Hazel, Florida

For the past three months I have been using JC Tonic®. My prayer was that it would help me with my hot flashes. It has been three weeks now and I have not had to get up changing because of being wet with sweat. Now it is much easier for me to sleep throughout the night. The tonic works! I rub my fingers with it when they are aching. I am so grateful that the tonic is now a part of my life and daily diet.
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