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Disclaimer: JC TONIC® is a dietary supplement not a drug. Therefore, it is useful in effecting the structure and/or function of your body in various ways. However, it is not intended to and will not cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. Success Stories like those presented reflect truthful and actual experiences of individuals who have consumed JC TONIC® and have chosen to express their opinion regarding its personal use and the positive results they have achieved. Their point of view however may not be all encompassing and does not constitute scientific evidence that JC TONIC® will cause similar results in others including yourself nor are these statements representative of individual results you may anticipate. Jurak World Wide does not make any such drug or treatment claims for its products.
Jean, Colorado

I am writing this, because I know that there are people like me who really do not believe the tonic is helping them. Even though I have seen a total change in Lenny, I thought maybe this tonic is for certain people, but I kept hoping that just maybe if I continued taking it, it might work.

Before the tonic, I was drinking a protein drink three times a day and eating three small meals, because I started to lift weights. I could not believe what I looked like. I was disgusted with myself. Then the phone call came about the tonic. We started taking it and it worked wonders on Len right away. But me, that was a different story.

I have had Chronic Fatigue all my life, a heart murmur, female problems, and low blood sugar. I never knew what it was like to feel really good. I continued to lift weights even though it made me feel worse, because of my fatigue, but Len kept encouraging me to take the tonic. Then I started seeing so many people who were taking the tonic change incredibly not only in the way they were feeling, but also in the way they looked in appearance. So, I continued taking the tonic and exercising.

At first, when taking the tonic, I was also very sleepy, so I took it one evening before bed, which was very early. Everett Potter came to visit and told me, "You watch, Jeanie, soon you will be getting up at 6:00 a.m. ready to go". I thought to myself, "I don't think so," because I just could not comprehend that happening and then, one morning, it happened! My eyes opened up and I jumped out of bed ready to go exercise. I felt totally alive within myself.

I will be 55 years old in April 2001 and I have never ever felt this good. I could not believe it. People I knew started telling me that I was really losing weight and asked if there was anything wrong with me. I felt bad now thinking I looked haggard, so I told Len to take a picture of me so I could see exactly how bad I looked. When the picture came back I could not believe what I saw, but this time I was happy and excited.

If you continue to take the tonic and not give up you also will see results in due time, not only on the inside but on the outside also. Also, I am excited to say no more fatigue, no female problems, flu (if it does start) quickly goes away, my low blood sugar is better, my fingernails thicker and longer, my hair is fuller (which I do not really need), my skin is softer and younger looking, and I am more confident within myself and more focused in my mind.

Anthony and Roger, words cannot tell you how I appreciate what you both did for me and Lenny and many others. You changed our lives not only with our health but financially. We, of course, are living a better quality of life. Also, thank you both for giving me a business I can work and give to people what you gave to us.
Lester, Iowa

I love JC Tonic®! I feel great and it has only been three months! I am fully charged, my brain is focused and my skin is clear and glowing. Even though I am 43 years old, I feel like I am 20 years old and I am maintaining my weight at 200 pounds. Without good health, nothing matters.
Linda, Ohio

I have been on JC Tonic® for over 3 months. I am 57-years-old and felt like in a few months I wouldn't be around. A dear friend of mine persistently shared information about JC Tonic® with me over the telephone and kept being persistent. Thank God for a friend like her!

I am overweight, have been on blood pressure medicine for over 7 years, and I have a condition where blood breaks open in little specks on your legs. The doctor felt it wasn't anything to worry about, but I felt something was very wrong.

Now, 3 months later, I am off my medication and have lost over 20 pounds. I feel wonderful and because of my abundance of energy my husband takes JC Tonic® faithfully.
Louise, Florida

I would like to say that I am very pleased with the tonic. I just purchased a new business and have been working a lot of long hours. I feel that the tonic has given me the energy to keep going and I am also losing weight; this is wonderful. My husband has noticed the weight loss and the fact that I am feeling better too.
Audrey, South Carolina

I started taking JC Tonic® and that is when my life changed. A friend of mine asked me if there was something available that could possibly help me feel better, would I try it. Well, of course I would. When I took the box home I knew my husband was going to ask how much it cost so I took a magic marker to black out the price, since we really didn't have the money for this tonic or anything else. You see, I am disabled and he is buying all of my medication each month, which runs somewhere between $700-$800 a month. A total of 17 pills a day.

Prior to taking JC Tonic®, I was in the hospital for complications due to ulcerated colitis. I had surgery but was in pain almost every day. My doctor tried many different types of medication and finally was able to have success with one. I was one sick person but can honestly say that I had two wonderful doctors.

Three days on JC Tonic® and I was able to sleep better, and had no more pain in my joints or stomach. My blood pressure is average, 120/79, and my mood & outlook changed for the better. As of today I am not on any prescription drugs at all and have lost 32 pounds. I cut out all junk food and sugar and I am able to exercise. All I take is one ounce of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. JC Tonic® seems to be able to help my body take care of business and keep these monsters at bay.

All I want to do today is live! Thank you Almighty God and Anthony Carl Jurak.
Garrett, Alabama

I am a relatively young man, 29-years-old, and have always taken excellent care of myself. Well, Johnny B. Williams kept telling me about this great product that was just working wonders for him. I did not really see a big need to jump on the product, so I procrastinated for a while. Finally, I decided to join the team and try the product. If only I would have done it earlier! I will never regret getting on the Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic.

I have been taking it for about two months now. After the third day, my sinuses began to pop open, what a wonderful feeling and they have been that way ever since. My energy has increased, my skin has improved and my wife keeps telling me that I have lost weight (in all of the right places). All of this in just fewer than two months…WOW! I am 100% satisfied.

Also, I have just about always had redness in my eyes from being a long-time contact wearer. But for about a week, I had been putting a drop of tonic in each eye and now my eyes are white again and clear. It feels great to be on the tonic, because I know that I am improving my health every single day, I cannot wait to see what the tonic does for me next.
Cherie, North Dakota

JC Tonic® is the most amazing product I have ever taken. I was a dietician for ten years and I am currently an RN in a hospital setting and have tried many products. I have always had stress in my life and would often find myself "frazzled" by days end! JC Tonic® has a way of hitting all system in your body and especially for me, it has balanced my nervous system. I'm much calmer and my mood is stable. My neck tension, which I had experienced for years, is completely gone. I have lost fifteen pounds, with a decrease in cravings and also benefited from a normal hormonal balance for the first time in my life.
James, Illinois

Before JC Tonic®: Low energy, ringing ears, moody, up and down emotions, little strength, aches, pain in hip and other joints, slow depressed thought processes, weight and girth gain, taking lots of supplements, weak voice, tire easily, naps, too much sleep, "hungers" and addictions.

JC Tonic® seems to serve as a silent, competent, knowledgeable, persistent personal trainer for me. Within one month after beginning to use it: junk foods will not stay in my body so I eat much less of them, my waist has decreased 2 inches, my attitude is much more hopeful, positive and even, my mind and mental processes are much clearer, my energy level is considerably higher and more balanced, I drink more water, I walk more, the aches and pains are gone, toxins have left my body, supplement usage is way down and eating good food in modest amounts is regular. JC Tonic® is a catalyst for positive changes and healthy thoughts, words, and actions.

As a new sexagenarian (60), I feel the best I have ever felt! A man knows he's a man when he wakes up in the morning. For several years, I had lost that indicator. Now I again know that I am a healthy man when I wake up every morning, and it feels good to be aware of that!

There are a lot of people who would like to feel better and some who aren't open to the possibility. People need reasonably priced, guaranteed health and wellness products that they can believe in and trust to work without dangerous side effects, and JC Tonic® meets all those criteria perfectly! It is the simplest, easiest, most quickly workable product I have ever known. Many people I've offered a sample to have become excited and have a hopeful belief in the return of healthy wellness with the vigor, vitality, and energy that makes life worth living!

My 89-year young mother has relief from shoulder pain and has stopped using pain medication since beginning to use JC Tonic®. My wife has much more energy for her work, yard, and home projects since taking JC Tonic®. Her back and leg pain have lessened considerably.

We are a much-improved JC Tonic® family, and we just keep getting better every day! At a recent 20-year gathering of friends, they all said I was the only one who looked younger now than I did then!
Dave, Wisconsin

I do not have anymore acid reflux problems; the pain in my joints is gone; there is no more hurting in my shoulders and legs; the ringing in my ears has declined; I don't have constipation anymore; I sleep better; I don't wake up at night; and I get a better rest. My cholesterol went down.

I had a bad farm accident and was on a very strong pain pill. After my 6th surgery, Joseph O'Rourke said to take 2 oz of JC Tonic® a day when I came home from the hospital. I did and the pain was gone, and I never took another pain pill. I now have more sustained energy, but not hyper energy. I can work and think more clearly. I just have an all-around better sense of well-being. All this energy creates a much more positive attitude the whole daylong.

This is the most wonderful product and company that we have been a part of. We share the product with people everyday. We want to thank Anthony and Roger for sharing this with us, and Joseph O'Rourke for telling us about JC Tonic®. We are very proud to be a part of this company and are impacting world health.
Sandra, California

I wanted to personally thank you for giving us the JC Tonic®. It has literally given me the quality of life that I have sorely missed for at least ten years. The tonic has balanced me emotionally, mentally and my hormones and has made me feel "like a Million Bucks". Because I have been feeling so much better, in this whole process of getting balanced, I have had the added bonus of losing 35 pounds in about four months, without really dieting. Emotionally, I feel so much more in control of my life and I simply cut down on what I normally eat.
Sarah, Arkansas

I am a single mother, who does housecleaning for a living. In October of 2000, I was in pain. I was flat on my back for three weeks. Medical recommendation was a series of three shots each six weeks apart. I took the first shot. I still had to be very careful how much work I could do. I began to consider how long can I keep working out.

Regina Andrews had told me about her dad taking the tonic and he had no pain after five days. But, before the six weeks were up, and before the second shot was due, I was in pain. I decided to try the tonic. I was going away for the evening. I stopped in at Doug and Regina's house for two strips of tonic. I had to sit for three hours that evening, but when I went home, I had more energy and I had no pain all evening.

I had been unable to live without taking something for allergies and stress. Now I have no problems with allergies and with spring here, I am working at gardening, lawn mowing, and housecleaning to cope much better with the stresses of life and after four months now, I am beginning to lose weight.
April, Colorado

I have been on JC Tonic® for one month and so far I have noticed more energy, a better attitude, softer skin and an over all sense of well being. I also lost 12-pounds.
Edie, Colorado

My story is long and long past due. I started taking JC Tonic® a year ago this past January. At that time, I was in bad shape. Among other things, I had memory loss and headaches due to an accident. At that time, I weighed 96 pounds and did not have much reason to live. But God had other plans for me. He had a friend introduce me to JC Tonic®.

Within a few days, I was back on my feet, considering how I had given up on life. After the accident, I spent 24 weeks in physical therapy, going three times a week. After taking JC Tonic® for a week or two, I began to see great improvements. I was sleeping better and eating three meals a day, compared to the one meal a day I had eaten for 30 years. I started gaining weight; in two months, I went from 96 pounds to 115 pounds. I have kept going to 124.5 pounds, and I feel great!

My doctor who took care of me for a year or more after the accident keeps telling me, "Stay on the tonic. You are doing well. That is more than we can do for you." I have not seen a doctor now for more than one year. My last CAT scan and check-up were on May 21, 2001, and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health!

Oh, by the way, the problem was caused by 50 years of smoking, which I gave up 6 years ago. Now my lungs are better and are repairing themselves. JC Tonic® has given me my life back. I have new life at 70 years – imagine that!! I thank God and Anthony Carl Jurak for bringing JC Tonic® into my life.
Irene, Nevada

I am presently 27 years old and I have been drinking JC Tonic® for approximately four and a half months. JC Tonic® is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am diabetic, so before I began using JC Tonic® I was constantly tired and felt sick. I was always tired and I never wanted to do anything around the house. I just wanted to sleep. My diabetes medication would cause me to get really bad stomach pains and instead of making me feel better, it made me feel worse. There was always something wrong with me. I could not get my sugar levels under 300. Now, I have lost 15 pounds and I have a lot more energy. I love JC Tonic® so much! I have both my parents and my grandmother drinking it and they feel absolutely great!

I also wanted to share a short story concerning my mother's Chihuahua. Her dog gave birth to three large puppies that were indeed too large for her small frame. The dog had a very hard time giving birth to these puppies and she wasn't expected to live through the birth. She didn't want to eat and she could barely walk. I advised my mother to try and give her some JC Tonic® to see if that would help. My mother took my advise and the following morning the dog was running around like nothing ever happened.

Thank you Jurak Corporation and Anthony Carl Jurak for introducing me to JC Tonic®. It is such a wonderful product! As Anthony says, "Take An Ounce And Feel The Bounce!"
David, Florida

The tonic is changing my life daily; I am healthy again and I have lost inches and weight. I went from 212 lbs. to 182 lbs. My waist size was 40 and went down to 38. My goal is to get back to a size 36. Thank you for JC Tonic®.
Helen, Florida

Since I have been on JC Tonic®, I have lost several inches and I have more energy than ever. My digestive system is working with ease and it has made me feel like a new woman.
Joseph, Colorado

Since I have been taking JC Tonic®, I can exercise for lengthy periods of time and play basketball again. JC Tonic® has increased my energy and I have never felt better. My gray hair has diminished, has gotten thicker, I have lost weight and people tell me I look younger.
Maria, Florida

I am 45-years-old and have had a lot of health problems, due to the stressful jobs that I have had in the past. Now that I have been introduced to JC Tonic®, I am watching the changes in my body. My hair and fingernails are growing, my weight is decreasing, and I am just amazed at the positive changes! Also, I have put my children on the product and good things are happening to them.
Barbara, Iowa

For 35 years, I had a large goiter and for 20 years I have had psoriasis. Also, ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I could not move my arms above my head for 7 years. My triglycerides and cholesterol were out of whack. My triglyceride level was 480 and my cholesterol was 300. My blood pressure has been running 180 over 98.

I've been to several doctors and tried many remedies and nothing has helped me. I felt like an old dishrag, limp and worn out. I've been to one specialist after another. I also have been on a variety of medications, none of which worked.

For the past ten years, I was extremely depressed, bitter, angry, and felt like I was walking in a fog. I went to my chiropractor for pain management and it was there that I met Tiffany Bizios. She introduced me to JC Tonic®. She had much faith in this product, and I could see it in her eyes. At first, I was skeptical of something that could truly help me because, at this point in time, I had given up. It took me a couple of days of prayer before the Lord convinced me to take it. I could not believe the energy I felt after only taking one monodose. I did experience a slight headache, but it didn't discourage me since I hadn't felt this kind of energy in over ten years. Day by day, I have noticed a change. Before I could only sleep for an hour without pain, and now I can sleep up to seven restful hours.

After one week, I noticed my psoriasis had cleared up. After three weeks, I am now able to move my arms above my head, I am doing aerobics again, my triglycerides are 180, my cholesterol is 150, my blood pressure has leveled and is now 120 over 76, and I have also lost 15 pounds. To add to my excitement, I was in the bathroom fixing my hair, and I had on a loose fitting shirt; my husband of 24 years walked in to get something and said, "Barb, look at your neck, that goiter is starting to shrink!" I left the bathroom to go try on some turtlenecks that I could never wear comfortably. Now they fit loose and some of my necklaces fit now too. This was truly a miracle to me. I cleared out a quarter size mucus plug out of my sinuses the other day, and then my hearing improved also. I was not even aware of this problem. My skin is fresh and supple again, and my age spots are disappearing.

At this point, I was feeling so good I decided to share this wonderful product with my family and friends. So I joined the company and had a meeting at my home. I was anxious to show all my friends—who saw me suffer for so many years—the new me! Seventeen people came to the meeting, and their reaction was one of total amazement and disbelief. Almost everyone bought the tonic, and two of them registered with Jurak. Already, the product is helping most of them.

I feel good, and I look good! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Tiffany Bizios, for caring enough about me to introduce me to JC Tonic®. I also want to thank Anthony Jurak for passing down his father's formula to continue helping people. Thank you for such a wonderful product, so I can enjoy my life again. Thanks so much!
Michelle, Colorado

As a mother of three, I was very skeptical at first. My own mother made me take the tonic. She said I would feel better and look better. She told me all of these stories about people and how it changed their health. "Sure mom," and down it went.

A couple of months later, accompanied by a phone call from my mom practically everyday, I took it. Now I can say my skin looks smoother, I feel calmer and I have more motivation to do things I would never think about doing. For one, I went back to school and am still trying to get my real estate license; but best of all I am a size six.

Yes, I am a size small. I went shopping because I look dumb in my clothes. No wonder why, I went from a size ten to a six within a short time. I was still a size nine to ten just six months ago and now I am a six. For those of you who just would like to lose a dress size, it is not going to hurt. No shakes or fruit juicing everyday. I exercise two to three times a week at the gym, go to school and take care of my three kids and a husband.

Hopefully, I will be working soon at my new career as a Real Estate Broker. Did the tonic do all that? I do not know for sure, but I know it sure helped. It was too easy, I almost did not notice. As for my mom, she has that look in here eye, "Yeah, if you only listen to me." Just think, I could have been a size six a long time ago.
Paula, Iowa

I'm a 39-year-old mother of three. I have back and muscle problems. Since I've been taking JC Tonic® I'm starting to stand up straighter and it doesn't hurt to be touched anymore. My eyesight is getting better and I've maintained my weight since December when I lost 15 pounds within a month.
Eva, Florida

Ruthie Neal invited me to her product meeting. I had been praying to the Lord to send me something to help me with my health and relieve some of my pain and JC Tonic® did just that. I also lost ten pounds. My doctor didn't even give me eye drops or glasses. My skin rashes are gone and I look ten years younger. The crying spells are gone. I give credit to JC Tonic®. Thank you to Anthony, Roger and Team Jurak. I am 73 years young and hooked on JC Tonic® for life.
Joan, Colorado

Thank you Anthony for giving us wonderful JC Tonic®. I have been taking it since February of 2000 and my lungs feel better, so I breathe better. I had intermittent sacroiliac discomfort for years and it is gone! I cannot believe how good my back feels.

Since July, my vision has been steadily getting stronger, particularly my depth perception of near objects in relation to far-away objects. My disposition has improved remarkably and petty annoyances no longer irritate me as before, so I find I am much better able to cope with stressful situations, calmer. I know it is the tonic.

Also, friends have been asking me lately if I have lost weight. No, I have not, but it seems I am losing inches and I am looking slimmer. JC Tonic® is toning my whole body.
Darlean, North Dakota

Before I started taking the tonic, I was overweight and used a wheelchair. I had legs that hurt and kidneys that did not work very well. Since I have been using JC Tonic®, my kidneys are working well, I am off of my oxygen and using very little of my inhalers. My health, in general, has improved greatly with JC Tonic® and I take two monodoses everyday. I am sleeping better and my blood pressure is now down to 130/90.
We continue to receive success stories as more and more people try JC Tonic®.

Try it for yourself and see the difference it will make in your life.



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Disclaimer: JC TONIC® is a dietary supplement not a drug. Therefore, it is useful in effecting the structure and/or function of your body in various ways. However, it is not intended to and will not cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. Success Stories like those presented reflect truthful and actual experiences of individuals who have consumed JC TONIC® and have chosen to express their opinion regarding its personal use and the positive results they have achieved. Their point of view however may not be all encompassing and does not constitute scientific evidence that JC TONIC® will cause similar results in others including yourself nor are these statements representative of individual results you may anticipate. Jurak World Wide does not make any such drug or treatment claims for its products.

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